Monday, October 20, 2014

Ukraine: Mad Dog's New Best Friends



It is a wondrous age we live in. Writing from his shire in New Hampshire, a humble country peasant like Mad Dog can launch his thoughts into cyberspace like one of those rockets with the recordings of Doris Day and Frank Sinatra which the United States launched decades ago into deep space, hoping for intelligent life out there.

For years, Mad Dog has done this and he has attracted a suitably small coterie of respondents, mostly from New Hampshire, but scattered as far as Albuquerque, Seattle, North Carolina to complement the intrepid die hard from Hampton who actually occasionally comments. 

But now, perusing his statistics page, Mad Dog has discovered over the past few months his page views are coming, inexplicably, from, overwhelmingly, Ukraine, of all places. 

These viewers exceed in numbers all those from the United States, Asia, Africa and South America combined. 

You would think Ukrainians would be somewhat preoccupied.  

Mad Dog can only imagine this is some form of escapism.  It may simply be that with all the pressure from that mad dog across the border who seems to think putting on a good show at the winter Olympics is tantamount to a Nuremberg rally, the Ukrainians are simply cheered by the stories of how ridiculous American political figures have become. 

It must be of some comfort to a Ukrainian, when contemplating a Putin who says he is only responding to the pleas of Russian speakers, when he send tanks across the border, when he sucks up a seacoast port, when his surrogates blow a passenger jet out of the air like some modern Lusitania--it may be comforting to know there are jackasses in the public eye, vying for power even in a little Hobbit shire like New Hampshire.

Here, we have a state Representative who claims we elect Congresswomen by their looks and we have a candidate for United States Senate who is running on his own prettiness. 

Here we have the Koch brothers pulling the strings from afar as the puppets dance and gyrate in New Hampshire--In Ukraine, the strings are pulled by the man from St. Petersburg, now Moscow.

Somehow, misery loves company; even if Ukrainian misery exceeds that of New Hampshire, where all we have to suffer is fools, not homicidal fools.   

This is just a guess. It is possible there is an army of hackers in Ukraine who have discovered Mad Dog Democrat and are hoping to use it as a portal to infiltrate the United States strategic air command. 

Who knows?

Ukraine has, apparently, some very beautiful places, but it also has Chernobyl and it has Russia for a neighbor.  New Hampshire has very beautiful places, and it has a crazy man who is the governor of neighboring Maine, but even he has not tried to send tanks across the Piscataqua River to seize Portsmouth.  On the other hand, if Governor LePage is re elected in November, New Hampshire may have to blow up that bridge.  The man is dumb as a stick and if he weren't governor of Maine, he'd be the sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona.

So, Ukraine, you are not alone. You are just in a deeper hole. 

But if you are out there, intelligent life in Ukraine, and you have heard this latter day Doris Day sing--here's to you. Good luck. Stay tuned. 


  1. Mad Dog,
    Of course one should not be surprised to hear you continue to have an international following-after all, your discussions are endlessly fascinating, but the Ukraine is an unusual spot to have so many readers. Did this Ukrainian interest start before or after their current issues with Russia? How about before or after you placed Putin side by side with a photo of a lizard? One wonders if your readership will go up following this latest likening of Vladimir to a hairless, bug eyed feline. I have to say it is another amazing likeness, but you better be careful Mad Dog. If they're watching you in the Ukraine, perhaps Putin is watching them watch you..uh there's cause for worry..If we don't see any missives from Mad Dog-should days go by without an entry-would we be wise to suspect you've fallen into the hands of the KGB?

  2. Maud,
    Great minds do think alike. I, too, suspected the Putin lizard may have been the source. But that means somebody other than you has read this blog, at some point. (Well, we knew that since you have that Southern following. It's that Scarlet O'Hara thing you do.)
    If I disappear, it is more likely owing to the air bag in my CRV.
    I do like that feline. The resemblance really is uncanny.
    Mad Dog

  3. Mad Dog,
    Kiev looks beautiful--lots of places are beautiful, but I don't think many are any better than your top picture-I love that bend... we are very lucky to be able to call such a beautiful spot home...

  4. Mad Dog,
    Apparently there's been some confusion-my comment regarded the photo of Kiev and was not meant to imply I'd visited the Ukraine..In much the same way one might comment on a beautiful photo of the moon, without meaning they'd paid it a visit...

    PS-Of course that's not to say I don't speak Ukrainian, I do, as well as Russian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Somali and Pig Latin...

    1. Ms. Maud,
      Ah, but your works are most beautiful in Ukranian. Just click that Google translate button in the left upper corner and you will see how lovely your thoughts are in Cyrillic.

      Mad Dog