Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dead Cops as Stage Props: Pat Lynch and NYPD Blue Union

The head of the police union, which has been working for some time without a contract with the city, said the blood of the two murdered policeman, shot in their car by a lunatic, is on the mayor's hands, because, presumably, the mayor did not say enough to defend his police officers who were video'd killing a large black man with a choke hold.  The police, some police at least, are also upset about the mayor's ending "Stop and Frisk" procedures, whereby Black and Hispanic men can be thrown up against a wall and searched for weapons, despite the Constitution's constraints about unreasonable search.

If only, Lynch was saying, the police had been able to throw that maniac  up against a wall and search him, they would be alive today, but instead they had to be sitting in their patrol car, looking the other way,  just waiting to be killed.

Or so Mr. Lynch would have us believe.

Mr. Lynch thinks the mayor should ask forgiveness. The police turn their back on the mayor.

Mad Dog, however, believes it is Mr. Lynch who should ask forgiveness, from the families of these two officers, who he has used as a stage prop for his own political agenda. Mr. Lynch is torn from the pages of "House of Cards," as cynical and nakedly manipulative as any character, and once again life imitates art.

Mad Dog is reminded of that famous scene from the Army/McCarthy hearings where the defense counsel, a Mr. Welch, looks Senator Joseph McCarthy in the eye and says, "Have you no sense of decency, at long last? Have you no sense of decency at all."

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  1. Mad Dog,
    It would be impossible to agree with you more and let's hope Mayor de Blasio holds his ground and continues to refuse to apologize for telling the truth. The NYPD union felt disrespected...and what pray tell does Eric Garner feel right about now...Mr. Garner was bullied and killed by police who should have been indicted and the apologies should be flowing from the union, as well as an acknowledgement that a mistake was made, a tragic one and that all necessary changes will be made to make sure it's never repeated. I agree that's what the union leader, Patrick Lynch, and some of the NY politicians should be advocating instead of grandstanding and exploiting the senseless killing of the officers.

    Conventional wisdom may be that this case and Ferguson were the major stories of 2014, but my vote is with your choice of Market Basket and the example of organized labor at it's finest. The success of all movements and groups is so dependent upon the qualities of it's leader and Market Basket workers succeeded because of the integrity, generosity and strength of Arthur T. He could have, after his victory, made the rounds of every talk show in existence, extolling his own virtues and
    explaining ad nauseam why he was right. Instead he's chosen a different path and receded into the background again. Unfortunately the NYPD union story is an example of organized labor at it's worst-little more than a tool for opportunistic leaders and politicians...

    I just finished watching the best film I've seen in, frankly, I don't know how long....Funny- no hilarious,smart, poignant, moving, thought provoking and honest..I loved it and have to write my friend who sent it to me immediately to thank them. It's the kind of movie I imagine you liking a lot.....but I'll warn you-the end slays you...