Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Reacting to Wisconsin's loss in the NCAA championship game, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker immediately blamed the outcome on President Obama, according to an exclusive interview with Rolling Stone magazine. 

"The referees are unionized," Mr. Walker reminded us. "Need I say more?

Senator Rand Paul, (R-Ky), Mr. Walker's rival for the Republican presidential nomination when asked for comment replied, "The First Amendment says 'Keep government out of religion,' not 'Keep religion out of government.'" 
When asked to explain  the relevance to the basketball game, the union movement or really anything else, Mr. Paul, who is in New Hampshire, said, "And I intend to ask the Kentucky Derby Commission to restore the crown to Dancer's Image." 

Dancer's Image, a New Hampshire horse bred in North Hampton, was stripped of his 1968 crown after his owner, Mr. Peter Fuller, contributed the Derby purse to Martin Luther King's Southern Leadership Conference in the wake of Rev. King's assassination.

"I just don't know how Mr. Paul can play politics with sports," Mr. Walker retorted. "After all, it's obvious where Mr. Paul is coming from, having seen Kentucky's undefeated season go down in flames to, guess who? The University of the Great State of Wisconsin!"

Full Disclosure: Mad Dog wants to clarify he has not done any fact checking on this story, but he does hold a degree in journalism from Rolling Stone University.

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