Monday, April 6, 2015

Iran Nuclear Deal: Litmus Test for Crazy

Chamberlain Waves Munich Accord:
Never Trust a Treaty

"We are not stopping them. We do not have an administration that wants to stop them. That's what everybody seems to have trouble realizing or admitting here. We do not have an administration that wants to stop Iran. It's just the opposite in fact. There's a reason that Iran's running rampant. It's that nobody's stopping them. I take that back. The French are trying to. Imagine that. The French are bigger hawks than we are. Of course the Israelis are trying to stop it."

--Rush Limbaugh
He Knows All

One thing about this Iran Nuclear negotiation, whatever its merits or dangers may be, it has provided us with a test for crazy in this country.
I cannot hope to understand this proposed deal, depending as it does on so many hairy technical issues; you may not need to be a rocket scientist to understand it but it would help to be a nuclear scientist.  The thing is structured on being able to trace the elements needed to make nuclear weapons from mining uranium to placing the thing in a war head.  The very complexity of the process, apparently, aides in detection. In order to get a bomb, the Iranians cannot simply dig a hole in the ground, build a construction site and work at it--they need things which provide a trail to follow.

But there are some Americans who know, even at this intermediate stage, what the Iranians intend to do which is to fool us and get the bomb. 

The Iranians, or at least some Iranian officials, have not helped by saying things like, "Israel is a one bomb country. That's all we need to wipe it off the map."

And the old men who still rule Iran are revolutionaries, apparently driven by the hot passions of ideology, despite the demographics of the nation, of which 50% of the population is under the age of 35 and cannot even remember the revolution.  This means the numbers are shifting in the direction of people who want to live in a real country, not some revolutionary eutopia.

But, here in the USA we have people who have made no effort to learn what is being negotiated; they simply KNOW President Obama is making a huge mistake, AS HE ALWAYS WILL, and he is the next Neville Chamberlain, signing on with a madman and waving the document as proof of success.

If Mr. Obama is for it, then, ipso facto, it must be a bad thing, a dangerous thing, something which will result in the destruction of Israel, and the continue decline in the power of the United States, and place us at risk for nuclear annihilation from Iran. (President Obama did point out we have a $600 billion dollar defense budget compared with Iran's $30 billion budget and they are unlikely to attempt to defeat us in a war.)

If you are wondering about someone who you are thinking about asking over for dinner, just ask this person about the nuclear deal. If they erupt with a stream of invective, you will know you  have to look elsewhere for a dinner companion. 

If we have any hope, it may be in the younger generation in Iran. During the Iran/Iraq war, my secretary came running back to find me: It seemed we had inadvertantly scheduled an Iranian and Iraqi patient too close together and they were sitting out in the waiting room and she expected World War III was about to erupt and I had better get out there and stop it. When I got to the waiting room, I found them chatting amiably in Farsi, having a wonderful time. 
This Gets Them Crazy

One thing about the Iranians, they are wild about wrestling. The most excited I ever saw Iranians was at a wrestling match when the Iranian team was in town. That got them worked up. Israel, the Great Satan, not so much. 

US vs Iran 
Maybe if we just wait them out, the old revolutionaries will die off and we can deal with the younger generations. Our own crazies, we will have to continue to watch.


  1. Mad Dog,
    Those in the know do not have to wait for the full details of the treaty to emerge, because they have already gotten the inside track from those beacons of knowledge, truth, justice and the American way-Fox news and Rush Limbaugh-our last lines of defense before total ruin at the hands of the Bumbler-in-Chief... This realization that Obama is steering our great country to the precipice of disaster gets a lot of folks so riled up one broaches these subject at great personal risk- at any moment a Fox News fan could suddenly and spontaneously burst into flames at the mere mention of Obama...and don't even go into the cause of the historic drought in too can be traced back to one thing-the failed policies of the freedom hater in the White House...

  2. Ms. Maud,

    Oh, so well put. "Bumbler in chief. That freedom hater in the White House."
    Richard Hofstader once described the "Paranoid Style of American Politics."
    I think we have seen the emergence of the "Neurotic Style," and you have mastered the idiom, Heaven help you.

    Mad Dog