Thursday, June 25, 2015

Obamacare and the Court

"Obviously, Congress acted to improve health care not to destroy it."
--Chief Justice Roberts

Just when you thought those four horsemen of the Conservative apocalypse on the Court would wrest complete control of the government and the commonweal of the nation from Congress and from the White House, Chief Justice Roberts actually acted like a grown up rather than an ideologue and voted with Justice Kennedy and the liberal wing to smack down opponents of Obamacare, who were smirking over their own cleverness, trying to play "Gottcha" with the wording of the law.

The Republic may survive another day.

More important, millions who have benefited from Obamacare and there are far more than expected, will actually live better lives because the Court (not Scalia, Thomas, Alito) voted to protect those who need protection rather than sneering at them.


  1. Mad Dog,
    Yes a big win for Obamacare and the American millions previously without insurance..good to see Roberts opted to vote on the side of what is right both morally and fiscally..a shame he couldn't have sustained that common sense momentum into today's ruling on Same Sex Marriage, but thankfully it passed anyway-and one can't look a gift horse in the mouth-his votes have rescued Obamacare twice now..hopefully this will be the last time it's tested in Court..but one can't count on the Right not coming up with another bogus method to attempt to tank the ACA..Good week for SCOTUS rulings..

  2. Ms. Maud,

    Yes, you noticed: As enlightened as Roberts has been on Obamacare, he is still deeply Right on marriage. His argument seems to be there must be a clear consensus on attitudes about marriage among the people and that consensus has not yet definitively emerged. Polls, for what they're worth, suggest 67% favor gay marriage, but there's another way to know what the citizenry thinks--looking at what state legislatures do. Pretty clearly across the Bible Belt and parts of the far West significant majorities are disgusted by gay marriage, so for 5 "lawyers" to impose their thinking on people in these areas may be premature. But the same could have been said of Brown vs Board of Education, as Justice Kennedy pointed out.
    Mad Dog