Monday, June 22, 2015

Obamacare and True Believers

It's always nice when a "study" or "polling" confirms what you believe, or when it comports well with your own experience on a "micro" level and extends that validity to a "macro" world.

In my case, it's the observation that people who hate "Obamacare" have no direct personal experience with it. This is actually true of most of America. Most people still get their insurance from sources other than Obamacare. And those who do get their insurance from Obamacare, like the good citizens of Kentucky, refuse to believe that their policies (Kynect) are actually part of the Obamacare, ACA law--because they know they don't like Obama or anything connected to him. So they simply choose to believe their health insurance is coming from the state of Kentucky, unrelated to Obamacare.

These same people descend from ancestors who believed slaves were happy in bondage.

The Huffington post recently commissioned an analysis of polling data which showed the chances someone hates Obamacare do not track at all with any personal experience with it: What that hatred tracks well with is party affiliation: If you listen to Rush Limbaugh and vote Republican, you think Obamacare is a "train wreck."

How many times have I heard a patient in my office rant on and on about how terrible Obamacare has been for the country  and I then ask, "Well, do you have Obamacare yourself?"  
Well, no.  
"Have your own premiums gone up?"
Well, no. 
And so, how do you know this law has been such a failure.  
Look of utter hostility. 

It's another case of don't confuse me with the facts: I know what I BELIEVE!

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