Thursday, July 23, 2015

Planned Parenthood in the Cross Hairs

"I’ve seen these two videos. They’re gruesome and I think they’re awful. That’s why the Energy and Commerce Committee and Judiciary Committee are doing an investigation. I expect that we will have hearings, and the more we learn, the more it will educate our decisions in the future.”
John Boehner

Videotapes, surreptitiously obtained by anti abortion groups, and cut artfully, suggest that some Planned Parenthood officials negotiated to sell the tissue obtained at the time of abortions (D&C, dilation and curretage or vacuum extraction) for fun and profit. Ah, now we see why Planned Parenthood does abortions: They are selling body parts for profit! The truth about these videos was exposed by the New York Times and it turns out the officials rejected some offers and asked questions about others. Planned Parenthood, and most university hospitals, provide tissue from such procedures for stem cell research, among other things, but does not profit from this practice.  The whole video scam was just that, a set up and a fraud.

But Republicans are asking no questions: It's something they want to believe--Planned Parenthood is a wicked organization whose bird ought to be the Red Tail Hawk because it rips its victims limb from limb.

What mystifies me is why anti abortion groups and the Republican party are so determined to kill Planned Parenthood. By far the greatest number of patients they see are not for abortions but for the very thing which makes abortions unnecessary: Effective contraception.

I understand, if you think abortion is murder and some Planned Parenthood facilities do abortions, you'd want to protest that and try to shut them down, but most PP facilities do contraception not abortion, so why attack those?  If the patient has a festering wound in her thigh, would you stab the patient in the heart to kill the abscess? 

Just another line of reasoning in the Republican hymns and verses which mystifies.

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