Saturday, August 8, 2015

Candidates' Debate

I admit, I did not watch the debate. I watched the highlight clips on the internet.

I can only stand too much entertainment.  Had I a group of friends, enough alcohol, and time, I might have been up for it.  There will be opportunities yet, let us hope.

What I saw of it, however was superlative. 

There were surprises:  For one thing, I did not take Megyn Kelly seriously. I mean, how can you take anyone who spells Megan or Meghan as Megyn seriously?  And, here I know I will incur the wrath of Maud for running this picture. I know it's unfair. And I'm just only now recovering for running the busty photo of that Yale professor, but really, it's in the spirit of the night. Can I be forgiven?

So here is a woman who presents herself in a certain way, a network which presents itself as a fun place, and yet the Donald and Chris Christie make her look, well, like the smartest person in the room.

She asked Donald about his remarks about how ugly certain women are, how they ought not be taken seriously because they are too fat or too ugly and he replies he only said that about Rosie O'Donnell, and well, maybe a few others, but chiding him about regarding women as objects is just another effort at coercing him into political correctness which is what's wrong with this country. Well, that and the fact that we lose everything now. We don't beat up on anybody. We should beat up on Mexico because that's where the rapists come from. 

Gotta like the Donald. He tells it like it is.
And Chris Christie, too. Another straight talker, who ran into Rand Paul. Rand Paul chided him for giving President Obama a big hug (after hurricane Sandy) and that was a calculated, focused group moment and got a big rise out of the Fox audience, but Christie was ready for it, "The hugs I remember are the hugs I gave the families after 9/11."   Hey, the guy is ready to rumble, the big guy.

Rand Paul knows American history. He knows about the Fourth Amendment, which hardly anyone ever talks about, because so few people know it, or if they've read it they go, "Huh?"

"The right of the poeple to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation and particularly describing the place to be searched and the persons or things to be seized"

So there it is.  Unreasonable search and seizure. Just try asking your neighbor what that's all about and why they made it #4 on the top 10 list in 1789?  What really amazes me is how those bewigged slave owners foresaw the NSA and mass data collection from cell phones and twitters and emails. Those guys were just awesome, dude. Like really. 

What I really like about Rand Paul is his hair.  The Donald is so proud of his own hair, but Rand Paul's is just so... unruly. It's Libertarian hair. Like nothing is going to thwart the liberty of that hair. By comparison, Ted Cruz's head looks so plastered down in place--his hair is as up tight as his thinking. 

Now I know what Ms. Maud will say: Focus on their ideas not their looks. Stop swinging below the belt. Don't descend to their level. But really, Ms. Maud, this is Fox News. These are Republicans.  Do they actually  have any real  ideas?  And they  are playing the looks and Frat Boy card relentlessly. Cut me some slack.
Oh, and Ted. He got in there, saying all we need to strike fear into the heart of ISIS and to make those guys go away is a President who is not afraid to tell them if you sign on with ISIS, you are signing your own death warrant. Now there is a simple solution to the problem. Why didn't President Obama think of that? The other thing he says is wrong is Mr. Obama cannot bring himself to utter the phrase, "Radical Islamic terrorists."  If the President would just use the right words, all those nasty terrorists would just melt away, like cartoon characters in "Roger Rabbit" dunked into The Dip. And I use that analogy about cartoon characters advisedly.

And, along the same line of thinking, Governor Scott Walker whose state does not (yet) have a major border problem (except with Michigan)  simplified the whole immigration issue with a simple solution of his own: Just secure the border (s.)  Another one of those, why-didn't-Obama-think-of-that moments. 

Actually, there's only one border any of the Republicans seem to care about, that one in the Southwest,  with Mexico, you know, with the Rio Grande and the stretches of desert. Nobody is too worried about the West Coast, because that's all liberal land anyway (and nobody's going to get past the longshoremen's union along the California coast), or the Gulf of Mexico (New Orleans is scary enough no terrorist would risk that)  or the East Coast--who could even tell foreign terrorists from those East Coast liberals--or the northern border with Canada, the world's longest unfortified, undefended border.  Canadians, we just sort of ignore them and they never do you no harm no how, although some of them do speak French, which is sort of suspicious. (Just hope the NSA has some French speaking employees listening to them.)

The thing is, the solutions to all the problems which we face are just so simple. Most of them can be summed up and solved in ten words each. You just wonder if Mr. Obama is watching and taking notes. He could leave his office to the next guy with a clean slate, problem free.

I'm just saying. 

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