Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Mount McKinley Becomes Mount Dinali

I have not agreed with President Obama about everything.  I am disappointed he has taken so long getting us out of Afghanistan. 

But his instincts are right: Trying to close Gitmo was right. He was simply thwarted by the powers of obtuseness and darkness.

Now that his time is winding down, he is getting a little more free swinging and it's a delight to see.  He recently re named Mount McKinley, in Alaska, Mount Dinali, the native name for the mountain and the area surrounding it.

Of course, President McKinley was from Ohio and so John Boehner is upset.  But, at this point, I'd say upsetting Mr. Boehner is reason enough to do something. After all, for 6 years saying no to Mr. Obama was all the reason Mr. Boehner needed. 

Now if President Obama could just rename "Kentucky" or something in Kentucky. 

Last May I had dinner at a private home of an old friend. Among the guests were the Mayor of Nashville, a Democrat, and another gentleman who said President Obama was the worst President in the 20th century. 
"Oh?" I asked. "Why do you say that?"
"Well, he just is."
"What, in particular has he done that you dislike?"
"Well, Obamacare has been a disaster."
"Really? Has it hurt you or your family or anyone you know?"
"Well, no.  But it's killing the economy and ruining the country."
"That's funny, I thought the economy was doing pretty well. Are you talking about the U.S. economy?"
"Well, it's gonna tank."
"But what specific policies, aside from Obamacare do you find objectionable?"
"Well, he's just not a good person."
"So," I said, looking across the table at the Mayor, who had remained silent but was clearly enjoying this exchange. "You just don't like the man, because...? What specific qualities do you not like in him?"
"He's just dishonest."
"Dishonest? What has he been dishonest about?"
"Well, look, I'm not a racist, but I just can't stand the man."
"Well, certainly, that is opened minded of you," I said. "I mean, as Dr. King said it will be a bright day when children can grow up to be judged by the content of their character rather than by the color of their skin. Clearly, there is some content you are seeing I am missing. Or is it what nobody can miss you are bothered by?"

The hostess then changed the subject. The mayor looked down at his plate of apple pie a la mode, but I could see he was smiling.

The fact is, I turn on TV every day and I see a clip of our President and he is just so bright and reasonable and unruffled and I feel good.  What a difference from whoever that boob who preceded him. What was that guy's name?

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