Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Republican Attacks High Earning Woman

Well, here's an interesting development: A Republican Congressman attacks a witness because he thinks she makes too much money as the CEO of a large organization.

Will wonders never cease?

Jason Chaffetz thinks it's a shame for a woman to be making $500,000. 

Of course, Cecile Richards was visibly unprepared for this tactic, unfathomably, given the telegraphing of this new meme from the Republicans who are not capable of independent thinking. 

But where does this new tactic lead? Will every CEO appearing before Congress, say the head of Right to Life or Liberty College or the Southern Baptist convention have to provide their pay stubs for some Congressman to shake his head about how overpaid they are? 

Oh, wait. I get it. Planned Parenthood is all about profit--making money from selling fetal parts. How could I have been so dim?

Mobil Oil, on the other hand, is a clean company, especially when it  provides jobs to Republican districts. And the companies that make missiles and armaments in the districts of Republican Congressman--those CEO's earn every dollar they get.

Before Congress, Mr. Chaffetz worked for Nu Skin international, whose CEO this year made $10 million. Did he chastize the Nu Skin CEO for that?  What does he think of the salary made by the head of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints?

Well, I never thought I'd see the day when big salaries are seen as shameful by Republicans.

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