Thursday, October 1, 2015

What Is Planned Parenthood?

The Republican party has, over the past decade, been very good at one thing: Selling a delusion. In essence, that delusion is that tax and spend Democrats want to take your hard earned money and give it away to undeserving, free loading immigrants, poor people and welfare queens because Democrats are, well, feeding on these people to keep themselves in power, which is why they push Medicare and Social Security, those unconscionable  welfare programs for the incompetent and effete who cannot invest in a smart way in the stock market.

But now they are trying to market a new delusion.  Watching the Republicans on the House Oversight Committee pillory Cecile Richards, the image they are trying to sell of Planned Parenthood is this is a nefarious organization right out of a  Robin Cook novel, which exists to profit from the sale of fetal parts got from late term abortions. All that contraception, sexually transmitted disease screening and treatment (for welfare queens and prostitutes), breast cancer, breast feeding are just a cover for the real business, which is selling baby body parts.  It's just the way they launder the money, all that other 97% of their income is just a screen. The real money is in baby body parts.

The outraged Republican members of the committee proclaimed:  1/ Abortions have nothing to do with women's health  2/ Planned Parenthood hands out exorbitant salaries and spends lavishly on parties and travel perks and behaves like the most despicable Russian oligarchs. The wonder is they did not show photos of the luxury cars driven by Ms. Richards (if she owns a car.)   3/ Planned Parenthood dupes the federal government into paying for abortions by using the Medicaide reimbursement money the government pays for contraception and screening so they can free up money to do abortions.

But wait, if Planned Parenthood's true profit center is its abortion baby body parts mill, then how have they make it look to the auditors that only 3% of its income comes from abortions?   

To say Republicans have vilified Planned Parenthood would be an understatement--they have said if Planned Parenthood is allowed to exist, it will so destroy the moral fabric of the nation, we will all perish, so we have to stop everything to attend to this urgent moral imperative. It's the 21st century equivalent of slavery--so important, we have to stop doing all other work to address it.

One might ask, what if Planned Parenthood said, "Okay, we'll stop doing abortions.
We'll split our organization into an abortion wing and an everything else wing," then what would the Republicans say?

Unlike the slave owners of the 19th century, Planned Parenthood could easily stop doing abortions, from a financial point of view.  But then we'd still have these overpaid, wine drinking, contraceptive distributing reprobates at large. What would the Republicans say then?

The major problem with the Republican campaign is there are literally millions of women and some men, who have used Planned Parenthood and who love Planned Parenthood. So the Republicans are trying to denigrate a beloved enterprise.  Liberals had trouble with Chic Filet for precisely the same reason: A lot of people love what they make, what they do.   

Trying to kill Planned Parenthood is like trying to kill McDonalds--you may not approve of it; you may think their food makes people fat, causes obesity and heart attacks and despoils the environment and you make think McDonalds underpays its employees, but people vote with their feet, their wallets and they may think it a guilty pleasure but they love it.

Okay, Don Draper, you've got this account:  How do you sell Planned Parenthood to a voracious nation?

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