Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Greetings From Trumpland

"Those who do not remember the past
Japanese Americans on the way to concentration camps 

Are condemned
To repeat it."

--George Santayana

 "The Washington Post says it was a tail-gate style celebration!

Tail gate. That's like at a Michigan state football game. Thousands of people!"
--Donald Trump [alluding to  a Washington Post article which described a gathering of Muslims on a New Jersey roof top in a "tail gate like" fashion after the 9/11 attacks]

The first casualty of war

Is truth.
--variously attributed

A smile can hide

Good Times at Auschwitz

an ugly truth.
Rounding Them Up From the Database
No Sympathy

We are a nation of laws. And what we did to these people was legal.

God save America.


  1. Mad Dog,
    Oh yes, God save us from the Trumps of this world who delight in their own good fortune and not only turn a blind eye to the misfortune of others, but try to use that misfortune to their advantage. Mr. Trump fails to view these refugees and immigrants as people-to him they appear to be little more than vermin, numbers, political footballs. The fact they have loves,fears hopes and a desire for what's best for their children is lost on Trump--they're expendable.

    It does make one wonder what we've become when the President, who recognizes their humanity, is chastised and the billionaire who revels in trashing the needy is cheered. I read a post earlier noting the irony in "refusing aid and assistance to refugees/migrants while preparing to celebrate a holiday about receiving aid and assistance as refugees/ migrants"..how true..Happy Thanksgiving ...

  2. Maud,

    Having spent Thanksgiving in New York City, riding in hotel elevators with visitors from all over the world, it struck me how absurd it is, all the shrinking back from the horror of the possibility a terrorist might be lurking amongst the huddled masses at the borders or in refugee camps, as if the poor refugees was the source of the danger. How much easier for a deranged ISIS crazy intent of strapping on a suicide vest to simply get a tourist visa, hop on an airplane to Kennedy or Logan or Portland, meeting his friends with the enabling equipment who have, like the Tzarnev brothers, lived here for years and then launch out into the crowds along the New York sidewalks, the department store shoppers or the stadium.
    One would think the problem for ISIS is there is a limited supply of suicidal lunatics, even among adolescents, and the size of the United States is so vast. You can blow yourself up in New York and people in Chicago pause for a moment and say, "Oh, how sad," and go on eating their Thanksgiving dinner. And in San Francisco, they scroll past your suicide on their smart phones and in Dallas they grin and say, "One less terrorist," and in Washington they discuss how to spin the latest event in a news cycle which will rush on to the next faux pas from Ben Carson. Your death as the suicide bomber barely makes a ripple in the universe.

    For that, I suppose, we can give thanks.

    Mad Dog