Friday, December 18, 2015

Kerfuffle: Hillary Small; Bernie Big

So a staffer from Bernie's kids stumbles into a website with proprietary Hillary information and now: 1. The DNC is closing down Bernie's campaign by closing down his access to the small donors (2 million of them) who have contributed to his campaign  2. Hillary has not said, "Oh, this sounds like a lower level misstep; let's move on."

This is how Hillary repays a magnanimous opponent, who has kept his debate with her on an admirable level of substantive argument and respectful disagreement.

The Democratic National Committee has acted as if it will brook no challenge to the chosen front runner, as if spirited debate will somehow hurt the Democratic campaign for Presidency in 2016. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has done the bidding of unknown, unseen power brokers who limited debates to a paltry 5 and placed them in spots which ensure a small viewership. 

This is exactly the bitter, small minded pettiness which her critics have found unattractive about Hillary Clinton, and if she benefits from these injustices to her rivals rather than speaks out against them, well, I know a few Hampton Democrats who will not simply vote against her in the primary but who will find better things to do with their Saturdays in the Fall of 2016 than to go canvassing for Mrs. Clinton.


  1. Mad Dog,
    Agreed-this is a big mess for the Dems..I'll be curious to see how Hillary attempts to clean things up tonight-or if she does..Her preferential treatment by the DNC is not only wrong, but foolhardy..Alienating the Bernie folks is a colossal mistake that could result in them failing to unite with the Hillary camp in the fall and instead staying home on election day. That would be bad, very bad...We could wind up with Mr. Potato Head in the Oval Office..or worse yet, a President that enters the White House through an open window flapping his bat wings..

  2. Ms. Maud,

    The frightening thing is I know exactly to whom you refer: Mr. Potato Head is a kind description of the actual fascist and the fanged man who flies through the window on bat wings is the Count Cruz, who looks like the Count from Transylvania channeling Joseph McCarthy.

    I did wind up watching the first half of the debate--my leftist family was up for it--and, of course, we loved Bernie, who explained the background to the kerfuffle very well. Hillary's response was adequate, and she can be forgiven for trying to explain how her staff had worked hard to develop their database, but she could have been more magnanimous. She was adequate, but barely.

    The moderators were awful, cutting people off just when they got interesting like some elementary school teachers who were not intelligent enough to see when the rules thwarted the whole point of the exercise. Part of the problem was a format which introduced a really important question, "How would you deal with ISIS?" but then allowed only 2 of the 3 candidates to reply to a question all three should have been allowed to answer, and Heaven Forbid there should be any back and forth between them.
    Martin O'Malley was a little snarky, trying to say he was the only youngster on the stage and the other two were too old, to wedded to the solutions of the past, but he never demonstrated he had any solutions from his youthful, next gen perspective which were any better than what Hillary or Bernie were offering. Hillary did demonstrate how deep her knowledge of the various players across the Middle East and into the Stans is. She simply has a much greater depth of understanding than anyone else, Republican (obviously) or Democrat. It's like putting a physician on stage discussing the problems with getting people treated in hospitals and lining up people who had only read about it next to her. There's just a depth of understanding of the complexities in her.
    Bernie is pretty close however.
    O'Malley has no sense of humor. His shtick would grow old over the next 4 years, but, of course he is way better than any Republican.

    Mad Dog