Monday, December 21, 2015

Muslims Save Christians on a Bus: Trump Wants to Revoke Their Visas!

One of my sons told me about this great thing: You can go on line and pull up Der Spiegel or Le Monde or any foreign newspaper and if you are on Google Chrome, you can hit the translate tab and peer in to what Germans are reading and writing. It's wonderful, a sort of legal, shameless peeping Tom into the life of another nation, an ocean away. 

So, the first news item I saw was about this bus in Kenya, stopped by al-Shabaab Muslim cut throats.  They stormed on the bus with their attack rifles, and demanded of the Muslim passengers that they identify the Christian passengers. The Muslim passengers refused to do this, and the Christians escaped. The Kenyan Muslim passengers said, "Kill us all together or let us go."

What I love about this story is none of these Muslims who protected the Christians at risk to their own lives would be admitted by Donald Trump to the United States, even on a tourist visa. 

The other thing is these decent human beings who protected people who were likely strangers, fellow bus riders, were Kenyans. You remember the Kenyans. That's what Donald Trump says Barack Obama is.

President Obama has denied he is a Muslim from Kenya. 
Donald Trump says Obama owes him an apology.

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