Monday, February 15, 2016

How Change Happens

I do not know who Christopher Cook is, but his article in the Atlantic is persuasive.

When you think of gay marriage, integrated public bathrooms and schools, women gaining admission to medical schools in equal numbers to men, women entering traditionally male jobs like telephone repairmen, factory workers, none of these changes seemed possible when they were first proposed, but pressures from a variety of developments made them happen.

Forty years ago, some of my college classmates were enjoying a story at dinner about a guy who had been caught with a girl in his room in violation of "parietal hours" and he had plead  his case by saying he had lent his key to the coed in question so she could take a study break nap. How was he to know she'd take the nap naked and sleep until he arrived back home after midnight?  Much hilarity ensued as each of my friends opined about the likelihood of this formulation succeeding.

Then I said, "You know, years from now, we'll probably not have in loco parentis at all. We'll probably have women living in our dorms, the way women lived down the hall from you if you get an apartment in New York City, in real life."
My friends fell out of their chairs laughing. The very idea of females legally living in the male bastion of Diman House, in the Wriston Quadrangle, sleeping down the hall from male students! 

Of course, that happened within 10 years of our discussion.

Attitudes change. Minds change. Demographics change.  Change does not always happen because a President wills it, but it may happen if he simply allows it.

Look at that American pie graph of wealth distribution. Does that not look evil to you? Can you not imagine, if enough people were made to face that graph, they would not respond to it? 

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