Monday, February 29, 2016

My Favorite Trump

Chris Cuomo was interviewing the Donald, asking him about his income tax returns after Mitt Romney darkly predicted there would be a poison pill, a fatal bomb, in those income tax documents.  The Donald said the returns were tied up because he was currently being audited.

"Audited?" Cuomo asked.
"Yeah, I get audited all the time, " the Donald remarked.  "Probably because I'm Christian."
"You get audited because you're Christian?"

That is my current favorite Trump line. 

When you think about it, it makes sense. First, the war on Christmas. Now, the war on Christianity, or at least Christians. 

And that Pope--what does he know?  As our very own New Hampshire state Representative, Susan Delemus,  noted, the Pope, well not just this pope but all popes are the anti-Christ. 

Now that we've broken free of the media elites, we have access to all sorts of new information. This is a time of revelation. As in the Book of.

What a great, succinct statement. They are after me because I'm a Christian.
It is well known, of course, the IRS is dominated by Muslims. The banks have Jews, the IRS Muslims. Now, the Donald loves the Jews, because they are good with money, but no so much the Muslims. The Hispanics love him, of course; never forget that. 

You know he has other great gems in there, deep in the loamy center of his cerebral cortex, which he has not yet passed out of his mouth like so much methane gas. 

I am so looking forward to the next several months.
 Please, let it be the Donald. 
This will be so much fun. 
Jon Stewart may have to come out of retirement.

Now the entire country can know how residents of the state of Maine feel about having a chief executive who is manifestly a moron.  Every time Paul Lepage opens his mouth it's got to be a question of who will wince with more pain, the Democrats or the Republicans. 

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