Monday, February 15, 2016

The Donald: Serene upon the frigid heights of infallible egotism

"Serene upon the frigid heights of infallible egotism"

Shelby Foote, among others, quotes this description of Jefferson Davis, whose statue still stands along Canal Street in New Orleans and who still lives in the street names and park names throughout the South.

We can only hope, and fervently pray it is the Donald who the Tea Party, which has swallowed the Republican party whole,  will choose. 

As Gary Trudeau has demonstrated in yesterday's rendering, the Donald is the candidate Democrats most yearn for, as he truly represents the groups who now constitute the GOP.  Exit polling in New Hampshire, such as it is, revealed voters who feel immigrants are a threat, undeserving citizens receive welfare, Obamacare is a disaster, white males are under attack and in danger of losing their just position of power and the Donald can take back what Obama has taken from them and "make America Great again."

Can't you just see Bernie Sanders taking on Mr. Trump on stage?

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