Thursday, March 31, 2016

Bathroom Break at the Trump/Clinton Debate

Here is my nightmare scenario for the Trump/Clinton debate.

Anderson Cooper:  Mr. Trump, the Governor of North Carolina signed a law which, in effects, prevents trans sexuals from using public bathrooms of their choice. Do you support the Governor on this?

Trump:   Well, as I understand it, this is all about allowing guys who claim they are women trapped in the bodies of  men to use the Ladies Rooms at ball parks, restaurants, what have you.  
And I'm not even sure I really know what a trans sexual is, but I've heard some of these guys still have all their male equipment, the full array, down below, so they haven't signed on for getting their anatomy rearranged, some of them just take pills or some of them not even that, and so I don't know what this is all about. 
All I can say is I don't want Melania or my daughters having to put up with a guy with his private parts in a Ladies Room. I mean, don't the women have some rights too?

  I mean, I've been accused of being anti Muslim, but as I understand it, there are some Muslims won't let their women out in public without a male relative chaperon. But they do let the women go to the bathroom in private. Can you imagine if there's a guy in the bathroom with his anatomy exposed?  I mean, Muslims have rights, too. Am I right? 

Anderson Cooper:  Madame Secretary?

Ms. Clinton:  Well, Anderson, let me say that the last thing we need in this country is a President who will divide us. We need everyone pulling together. It takes a village, you know.  I'm against discrimination and creating divisions, whether it's by religion or race or sexual preference. 

Anderson: So, is that a "no" to the governor's action? 

Ms. Clinton:  I'm for a person's right to choose.

Trump: What she's trying to say is she thinks anyone with a filled scrotum should be allowed to walk into a Women's bathroom any where in this country. Hillary, you are so afraid of saying anything politically incorrect, of losing even the votes of the most extreme people, you can't even bring yourself to say no balls in the women's room.

Ms. Clinton:  I don't think it's for me to tell another human being what gender he or she ought to be.

Trump: Well, excuuuuse me. I have no problem telling a guy with a penis and testicles he's a guy.

Ms. Clinton:  So you think the only determinant of gender is anatomy?

Trump: Hell, yes! I'm not saying the guy is necessarily a threat to every woman in that  bathroom. He might prefer men, if you know what I mean. But he has no business flashing his hardware around a bunch of women who are just trying to answer the call of nature.

Ms. Clinton: Some of these guys don't consider themselves guys.

Trump: That's their problem, not the problem of the women in that bathroom.

Ms. Clinton: I don't think you know what goes on in a women's. There are stalls and you are not looking at naked genitalia. It's not like 's not like there are urinals.

Trump:  This is just too weird! I cannot  believe you cannot see the problem with co ed bathrooms. And you want to be President. What planet to you live on?

Ms. Clinton: There are plenty of coed bathrooms on college campuses across the country.  The nation hasn't collapsed because of unisex bathrooms.

Trump: So vote for Hillary and you get coed bathrooms. The family that pees together stays together. Good Lord, lady. Are you seriously suggesting...?  I mean what's next coed beaches?  Oh, you can have sex on the beach because it's your choice and we wouldn't want to demean your freedom of expression.

Ms. Clinton: That's hardly an apt analogy.

Trump: Look, we have laws against indecent exposure and that's what this is all about.

Ms. Clinton: There's no exposure behind a stall.

Trump ( Looking into the camera): And the media has labeled ME as extreme.

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