Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hillary Sweeps the South, Sort Of

So, what am I missing here?  Hillary has a lot of "super delegates"  something I still do not understand, but it sounds as if the Democratic party doesn't trust voters so they add delegates to put a thumb on the scale, sort of like the Iranian elections where candidates are pre screened before the voting begins.

And Hillary wins the South:  Arkansas, South Carolina, Alabama, Texas,  which does not mean she actually wins the South; she wins the pathetically small number of  Democratic voters in the South, who are the Blacks, who are other minorities, but she loses the actual South, which is mostly white, uneducated yahoos .  

So when the voting happens in November none of the Super Tuesday states (except Massachusetts) have a snowball's chance in Hell of winding up in her column. 

On the other hand, the Democrats might just win Colorado, Vermont and New Hampshire in November, which are all states which like Bernie better.

So, if you are nominating someone you hope will win where you have to win, why are you going for Hillary?   

I know, I'm just an unsophisticated rube from New Hampshire, but explain this to me.

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