Sunday, March 6, 2016

Hillary Wins in the Deep South: Is that a Problem?

Must be I'm behind in my reading of Politico, Salon and Reddit Progressive, but am I the only one to notice that while Hillary piles up delegates to the nominating convention by winning in South Carolina, Arkansas, Louisiana, Bernie keeps winning in places like Kansas.?

What I am asking is: Is this not a problem for Democrats in November? 

There is no way Hillary Clinton will win any of the Southern states she has won in the primaries this  November. What she has proven is she has great loyalty from oppressed, ignored and politically powerless and politically irrelevant Blacks in the deep South. It's nice she has the loyalty of the disenfranchised, but they cannot put her in the White House, not this election, not while the Electoral College winner take all system is in place. It was put in place for this very reason, after all, to be sure this nation does not have too much democracy and elites in power locally can manipulate the outcome of elections to their pleasing.

You will say, well, Bernie has no more chance of winning Kansas than Hillary has of winning South Carolina, but somehow the fact he has appeal in places like Kansas suggests his appeal is broader than hers. You know the group she appeals to, and it's less than 12% of the population, at least in the South, where she is currently winning.  But Bernie is appealing to some other groups, presumably white, rural and who knows who they are?

I don't know what that means. As we say in New Hampshire. I'm just saying.

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