Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Does the New Hampshire Primary Really Matter?

Remember that crucial primary in a small, White, state called "New Hampshire?" That was so CRUCIAL. All the news organizations were up in the Granite State, Fox, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, Bloomberg. They wanted to know what the guy in his plaid shirt and his suspenders and Elmer Fudd hat thought of Hillary and Bernie and the Donald and Chris Christie.

Everyone was using his most portentous tone of voice, telling us this was the pivotal moment, the game changer, the most important thing going on in the world. 

Until the next primary. 

Today, it's New York.  

If Bernie wins today, well, that could be a game changer, but it would still not be end game. It would just make Hillary less inevitable.

The thing about Hillary is, she just doesn't get it.  

She needs to answer the question about getting paid all that money from Goldman Sacks. 

The wonder is, she hasn't done it. What could she be thinking?

Just in case you're reading, Hill, here's the answer:

"Yup, I took the money.  I wasn't in office. I wasn't even running for office. But they wanted to pay me for a grip and grin and speech. They wanted to put photos of me shaking their hands on their brag walls.  

But it's not like I slept with anyone. 

There, I said it. Bernie and Donald and many others have suggested for me to take that much money I must have done something immoral.  

But no, all I had to do was show up and smile and tell them how important banks are to the American financial system, which, in case you haven't noticed, is true today, was true yesterday and will be true tomorrow.

In a capitalist system like ours, if someone offers you money and you don't have to do anything immoral, you take it. You would, too.  If you didn't, I'd say you ought to have your head examined. 

Sure, Bernie never took their money. They wouldn't have offered it to him, but even if they had, I believe him, he wouldn't take it. He doesn't need it to run his campaign. I envy him that.

But I needed the money. I was broke when we left the White House and I'm proud to say, I'm rich now. If people want to throw easy money at me, I'll take it.

Now, it's different. I need money for my campaign and I'm not doing speeches for dollars. I'm doing speeches for free because the people I care about don't have a lot of money. But they have something more important: Votes.

So, there it is. Stop playing all high and mightY and holier than thou.
I'm in this for the little guy and if the big guys think they've got me because I was an expensive date once, well, they'll learn soon enough."

Cut us some slack, Madame Secretary. Talk like a real person. Enough of that lawyer garbage. 

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