Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Bernie's Endgame

AS i see yesterday's New York primary,  Hillary thoroughly trounced Bernie.

Despite the massive rallies of 30,000, despite what appeared to me to be a devastating debate, where Bernie looked better on Israel, looked to be effective in impugning Hillary on her relationship with the banks and Wall Street, despite what looked like a whupping in the debates and on the campaign trail, Hillary prevailed.

Which means, either people are not paying attention to the things I pay attention to, or they are smarter and more critical than I am.

They look at those Wall Street speeches and shrug it off. The lady was just doing what famous people do:  They cash in on fame, and Wall Street throws money around; doesn't mean they own you.

As for the Israel exchange, Bernie said Israel over reacted by causing 10,000 casualties in Gaza and Hillary said, that happened because Hamas was hiding behind the skirts of a civilian population, not Israel's fault. I thought that comment got swallowed up by the applause for Bernie's initial statement, but maybe people actually heard that and agreed.

I don't know. Maybe they just really love Hillary in New York.

Whatever it is, this was, had to be, a meaningful win.  Of course, there are other states and no one primary this far from the convention is determinate, but it looks as if Hillary is getting through to voters.  

Personally, I cannot be unhappy about this.  I have been worried that Bernie will be the stronger candidate, the more likely to defeat Trump or Cruz or Paul Ryan, but if Hillary can do this well in New York, that's reassuring.


  1. Mad Dog,
    The strength of Hillary's win seems to have surprised everyone-including Hillary. Note to Donald: Rallies with 30,000 participants doesn't necessarily translate into votes, as Bernie can now attest...It would seem the race, at least on the Democratic side, will become milder-Bernie is too decent a man to do irreparable harm to Hillary at this juncture and thus increase the chances of a President Trump. Most likely if Bernie does poorly next week he'll bow out of the race, don't you think? He doesn't seem like the type of guy who would have the patience or temperament to waste his time and he doesn't need to fight all the way to the convention to get what he wants..He's already put the fear of God into Hillary and moved her further left. She and the DNC know that if they don't take care of Bernie when they put together the party platform his supporters will walk. She won't win in November without them and the party will suffer for decades if they alienate all the young Bernie supporters. In that respect, Bernie has already won...

  2. Maud,
    Actually, listening to the "pundits" they put before the cameras on CNN and Fox and msNBC, none of them pare down the analysis quite as clearly as you do.
    Bernie will likely continue to campaign to bring the maximal number of delegates he can to the convention so he will be listened to about the platform and so he can be consulted about Hillary's choices, but I would guess, as you do, he'll refrain from the line of attack which says Hillary has sold her soul to the demon Wall Street. That would be fruitless and harmful at this point.

    Mad Dog