Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Policy and The Donald

Thing about "policy" is it's a word about "rules."

And rules are general prescriptions for behavior based on patterns of behavior  the rule makers have recognized.

So when Mr. Trump sees a pattern--Muslim men shoot non Muslim Americans, he makes a rule: NO MORE MUSLIMS. Okay, that's it, no more Muslims because "they" are dangerous.  That one attribute is all you need. Profiling, yeah, I'm politically incorrect, so sue me. That's the Donald.

Yes, it's true we had San Bernadino and now Orlando where whackos tried to explain their psychopathology as something admirable: I'm with ISIS. And of course, ISIS, being an organization of psychopaths blows kisses right back.

The fact that Auora, Sandy Hook, Oklahoma City, Charleston, Columbine were not done by Muslims doesn't matter. The Donald has a short memory--that much we all know. 

Thing is, sometimes there are patterns. (And if we can't identify patterns, we make them up.)  

Chris Rock has for years been wonderful about identifying patterns of crime, going way back to Saturday Night Live.


As Rock notes, if you hear about a grandmother hit over the head, pushed down a stairwell for her Social Security check, Black guy.  "We may be stupid," Rock says, "But we aren't crazy.  You hear about somebody's head cut off and their blood drunk and smeared on the walls: White guy."  

And, he adds, when Blacks hear about some bank robbery gone wrong and people killed all the Blacks are saying to themselves, "Oh, please don't let it be some Black guys."  

Just think how Muslims must feel every time a mass shooting occurs. 

Still, I am so glad, every day, my grandfathers got on the boat came to America. Most of the Americans I know look at a playground full of kids of every race, of mixed races of all backgrounds, playing together, their parents chatting along the fence rails and it's the Starship Enterprise.  For these citizens, that dream has been realized.  

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