Friday, July 29, 2016

Bill O'Reilly and The Well Fed Slaves

Fox News Braintrust

"Addressing Michell Obama's remarks about slaves having built the White House Bill O'Reilly said Tuesday on his Fox News program that those slaves were 'well fed and had decent lodging provided by the government."
His comments  drew swift rebukes online. He fired back on his Wednesday program, saying that the nations first president provided slaves with 'meat, bread and other staples' and 'decent lodging.'"

"Oh, massir, Ah's jez so fortunate to be a happy darkie, working here on da White House. 
They feeds me real good, with chitlins and greens and ifn the dogs doan want 'em, I get bacon scraps!  

And the lodging is so very nice. And the guv'ment gives me the lodging, which is almost as good as what Massa gives me down home. Ah knows Mr. O'Reilly doan approve of no guv'ment housing, no how. He says the private sector is always better.  He says it makes me dependent. 

But you know, tha's what being a slave is all about, actually. 

And massa taught me carpentry and I doan have no student loans neither, but now I can work here on da White House in diz hundred degree heat but Ah knows when da winter comes it'll drop to below freezing but I'll be all right once it gets dark  in my free government lodgings. 

Guv'ment's so very good to me. 

And Ah'm a happy darkie. Ah loves being a slave so I doan have to worry about getting food and lodging. 

The white massas, they give me everything I want.

Well, 'cept for Freedom. 

But you can't have everything in this life.

Swing lo', sweet chariot."
Gave me bread, meat, lodgings and a few whippings

Yes, indeed, Bill O'Reilly has doubled down on his initial reaction to Michelle Obama's observation about the possibility for change and  progress in this nation with his own demonstration that he completely missed the point. 

Oh, slavery wasn't so bad. Think of all the good things: Free food and lodging. 

The same, it must be realized, this is true for all those slackers in prison today: free food and free government lodging. 

In one sense, Mr. O'Reilly is correct: While change has come enough to place a Black family in the White House, change has not come to Mr. O'Reilly's brain, which is still back in the 19th century when white guys like him told each other they were doing Black slaves a huge, HUGE favor.

The really astonishing thing is here we have Bill O'Reilly, a bulwark of Fox News and the Right Wing saying such stuff.  Tell me again, why are we listening to this man?

Happy to be here

Is it not time for him to retire, or possibly be placed in an assisted living facility where they can prevent him from wandering off and molesting citizens who are capable of normal mentation. 

Of course, Donald Trump would have nothing to fear from Bill.


  1. Oh come now Mad Dog-leave Mr. O'Reilly alone-he was merely following the motto of Fox News to be "Fair and Balanced"-with the subject of slavery being no exception. All we've ever heard were the negatives regarding owning other human beings, should Mr. O'Reilly be faulted for pointing out one of the bright sides..pros and cons, that's the ticket..The slaves building the White House received food and "decent" lodging provided by the government-if you were a slave this was a pretty good gig and you'd think there'd be some appreciation. Michelle Obama is either unaware or ungrateful for the benefits received by the builders of her current residence-go figure..

    In any case, since Mr O'Reilly and others on the Right seem to look so favorably on this government handout to an otherwise, shall we say, under served segment of the population, I'm rather surprised the GOP didn't think to add slavery to their current platform as a possible solution for the homeless..

  2. Ms. Maud

    You are so much better than I at embracing that old dictum: Audi alterem partem "Hear the other side." Where I see only outrage, you see there are two sides to every argument. Either you went to law school or you simply got the essence of a liberal arts education at your college, which somehow, hard as they tried to instill in my, my undergraduate faculty failed.
    Where I grew up, the idea of the slaves were happier being slaves was unabashedly put forward by people I knew, who were in all other respects, ostensibly rational human beings, who did not froth at the mouth.
    As for the homeless, watch The Phantom Speaks. There is a new series on NHPR about the homeless in New Hampshire and the mayor of Manchester says, "There are people who simply want to be homeless and nothing you try to do for them will change that." Of course, he didn't stop there. He added, "And they like to defecate urinate in public." But, then they interviewed a homeless guy (one guy) who said, "Yeah, I don't like living indoors. I like it out here."
    Will be interested to hear your take on the homeless.

    Mad Dog