Monday, August 22, 2016

Donald the Artful Draft Doger: Why They Love Him

Here's the link to Nancy Isenberg and the White Trash explanation:

Watching Nancy Isenberg, the historian who wrote "White Trash"  on C Span this morning, I finally understood the people who love Donald Trump. Not that Professor Isenberg set out to explain the Donald, but once you read "White Trash" or see the interview, understanding gradually coalesces out of the miasma.

My brother, who lives in North Carolina, who served in Vietnam, is flabbergasted by his neighbors, all of whom seem to be Trump supporters. 

He cannot understand why they do not see him as a draft dodger and a coward.

Trump speaks their language, I tell  my brother.  

But why doesn't every Democrat castigate him for claiming to be the Vet's best friend,  when he bought his way out of the war? He could have been a Vet himself, but he paid some doctor to write the Draft Board a letter.  

Because, I tell him, Bill Clinton, Bernie Sanders, none of them served either. 

Doesn't matter, my brother says,  just keep calling Trump a draft dodging coward, and it'll eventually sink in. His White Trash throngs will eventually see him for what he is, see the emperor naked.

But, no. The fact is, the folks who love the Donald will forgive that.  They are "white trash."  He talks like them.

As Professor Isenberg notes, we do not have or want a Democracy in America; we are not comfortable with income and social equality. What we want is a democracy of manners, in which the rich and powerful sound like the mudsills, sound like the White Trash, even as they go home to their penthouses and McMansions. 

Trump has that riff down. His supporters love him on a visceral level. 

Just watch the tape.

Trump down to her underwear

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