Sunday, August 21, 2016

Mr. Trump and Clean Coal

Want to feel a chill flash down your spine?  Just watch the speech Donald Trump gave yesterday in Virginia.

He began by boldly stating Virginia exports more coal than any other state and that Hillary Clinton is waging war on coal, means to shut down every coal mine and to throw all those admirable coal miners out of work, men who want nothing more than to earn a living, support their families doing the honest day's work of mining CLEAN COAL which will not cause global warming, which is a myth anyway.

He then ticked through his usual list of complaints:
1. Hillary wants to tax you to death, even those of you who make only $17,000 a year and she especially wants to destroy American farmers with her death tax.
2. The Army has been reduced in size and the Navy even worse, leaving us exposed to who knows what disaster.
3. Hillary wants to throw open the Mexican border and to grant amnesty to rapist immigrants.
4. African Americans have got the shaft from the Democrats who have fooled them every time and look at what they got in return: 58% unemployment, slums to live in, unsafe neighborhoods.
5. Hillary cares more about the rights of murderers than about police. All the police endorse Donald Trump because he has their backs.
6. Hillary has used her emails and her private server and her foundation to amass a $10 million dollar a year income and she doesn't care about the struggling middle class, not like the Donald, who gives the middle class good jobs (building golf courses and casinos.)
7. Trade deals with foreign countries have sent American jobs overseas.
8. Mr. Trump will bring back those lost jobs in manufacturing, steel, coal and the production of hoola hoops and Corvettes.
9. You all are losers, but elect Mr. Trump and you will be winners again.
10. Mr. Trump will make America safe again. Mr. Trump will make America wealthy again. Mr. Trump will make America GREAT again.

And listen to the crowd chanting, booing Hillary, shouting "USA, USA" and you can almost hear the echo of "Zeig!" and "Heil!"  

Donald Trump don't need no frigging advertising budget, no campaign advisers, no TV ads, no Sunday morning talk shows. He's getting his message out to those who are aching to hear it.

I don't care what the freaking polls say. I'm seeing a man who is cruising toward victory.  

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