Saturday, August 6, 2016

My Inner Donnie John: Learning to Love the Donald

The moment I realized I loved Donnie John was when he ordered that screaming baby out of the room.  

Actually, when I youtubed it, it was a disappointment. I had heard he got annoyed and threw the baby out. But when you watch it on youtube (link below), he was actually very funny and gracious about it.

I had heard he was all snarly and angry, which is what I want to be when a mother brings a baby to an inappropriate adult setting.  I have mothers bring babies to their appointments and the kid is screaming bloody murder and I can barely get a word in edgewise and the mother is always cooing and smiling as if I'm suppose to enjoy this because, well, it's a baby and you are supposed to love babies. 

I do not love babies. Leave your baby with some responsible adult if you want to come see me and have an adult discussion about a serious adult topic. 

And women who come to a meeting about how we can oppose the rise of some neo-Fascist and they are knitting. Leave the knitting at home, Mother Earth. We can see from the Birkenstocks and the tie dyed shirt and the knit skirt you are a wonderful person. Don't pile it on.

But back to Donnie John. I loved it when he went after that great war hero, John McCain, who, after all got shot down, no disgrace there, and who behaved with great courage as a prisoner of war, but does that make him a hero?  

I thought part of "hero" has something to do with  success. You might admire a man's fortitude, but does that make him a hero?

Is every soldier, sailor and marine a hero? What if his service was peeling potatoes in the mess in Saigon for a year?  You will say, well, he did more to serve his country than I did, comfortably back in college, not in uniform at all. But I suspect many Vets do not feel like heroes for what they did.  I am told many hate that phrase, "Thank you for your service."  They are thinking, "Yeah, well, it was the best job I could get, more money in it than working at McDonald's. That's why I went."

We cheapen certain words: Hero, brilliant, patriot.  Plueeeze. 

Politically Incorrect

Of course these things--the baby thing, the "I like the guys who didn't get taken prisoner" and the don't thank me for my service; I did it for the money, are politically incorrect. And when Donnie John disparages that whole expected mode of behavior I do feel like standing up and pumping my fist. Finally! Somebody said it.  It's the same reason we laugh at the comedian who says what you are thinking but not allowed to admit to thinking. 

I watched an old video of Hillary chastising Barack Obama during the 2008 campaign for having said the folks who cling to their guns and their religion have nothing else and they will never vote for him. He was caught on tape and would never have said that in public, because it was true but politically inexpedient. So Hillary says, "People don't need a President to disrespect them," trying to may hay of political incorrectness. You know Hillary probably felt the same way about those rednecks but now she was pillorying Obama for saying it.

Actually, if you listen to that whole tape, Obama sounds much more sympathetic to these folks and starts off by saying how they've lost jobs and income over the years as factories have closed, as American captains of industry have abandoned them and that's why they cling to what's left.  But Hillary gets all sanctimonious, trying to score points. 

Here's the youtube link for the Obama remarks, which proved to be eerily prescient.

Donnie John doesn't try to score points with the empathetic crowd. 

Of course, you judge a man by the enemies he chooses:  Donnie John vilifies Muslims, all Muslims just as Hitler vilified all Jews and Marie Le Pen vilifies all Arabs. 
Finding the Positive in the Dark Side

You got to remember, Mussolini made the trains run on time.  There are things to can like about the most repugnant men. 

Maybe Donnie John should join Don Rickles, Bill Maher, W. C. Fields,  Louis C. K.  and other professional misanthropes.  But I do wish Hillary Clinton had a little more of them in her.

Too bad George Carlin is dead. I'd vote for him any day.

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