Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Obama Killed Captain Khan: Just ask The Donald

This has got to be the very best election I can  remember.  Ever!

At the Democratic Convention, the father of an American Muslim army captain killed in Iraq excoriated Donnie John.  The father pointed out that his son, who died saving the lives of his soldiers, would never have been permitted to cross the border into the United States, nor would any of his Muslim family, had Donnie John had his way. 
Gotta Love the Necklace

Donnie John's press secretary (Katrina Pierson, who wears necklaces made of bullets) responded that Captain Khan's death was President Obama's fault. President Obama killed Captain Khan! It had to do with "rules of engagement."

It was President's Obama's fault Captain Khan got killed walking toward a car bomb because of the rules of engagement put in place by President Obama and his neer do well should-be-in-prison Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The rules required Captain Khan to approach the vehicle unarmed, waving an American flag and singing "The Star Spangled Banner."

Captain Khan was killed in 2004, and President Obama was not sworn in until 2009, but Obama was thinking about keeping those rules of engagement in place and, in any case, at no time during the 2008 campaign did Mr. Obama disavow those rules, so, Qui Tacet Consentit, he who remains silent consents. 

And Barack Obama was born in Kenya, everyone knows that. It was his fault for being the first Muslim President and not providing Captain Khan with bomb proof armour. 

And Hillary voted for that war. It was definitely her fault. 

She so belongs in prison.  She made all those Goldman Sacks speeches and that should have been illegal, even if it wasn't.  If she had signed up for courses at Trump U, she would have known that, but of course, she would have flunked every single course because she's such a cheater. And she wouldn't have got her money back. Well, nobody got their money back, but she definitely would not have got her money back. What a cheater. 

Did I mention she killed Captain Khan? 
She really owes Mr. Khan an apology. 


  1. Mad Dog,
    Not only did that Muslim traitor Obama kill Captain Khan-there's been reliable reports that a person bearing a striking resemblance to Comrade Obama was seen on a certain grassy knoll in Dallas back in November of '63..Oh, you say he wasn't old enough-come now Mad Dog -who says. Just think of all the changes that can be made on those ginned up Kenyan birth certificates. He's not really 55-he's a well preserved 75 year old disciple of the devil herself-Hillary. Remember, you heard it here first...

  2. Ms. Maud,
    Obviously, there was a conspiracy: Barack Obama and Ted Cruz's father were blasting away from the grassy knoll.

    Please Allow Me, To Introduce Myself. I'm a man of wealth and fame. Been round a thousand years. Perhaps you'll guess my name.
    And all like that.
    Mad Dog