Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Founder of ISIS: Oh, Deniability

Donnie Dimwit

Finally, Mad Dog has  got it. 
Mad Dog has now learned how to listen to Donnie John.  

"ISIS is honoring Obama. He is the founder of ISIS."

What that means is: "Say, what?"

Then you have to listen for him to explain this bombshell, in the most reasonable of tones.

And he does:  President Obama made mistakes in the Middle East, that led to the fall of despotic regimes, creating a vacuum, which allowed ISIS to emerge to fill that vacuum.


Mad Dog gets it. President Obama's fault for not pushing all those buttons at his disposal which, presto, would have solved the problems of Shiite vs Sunni, of fundamentalist Islamists, of the Arab Spring, and put in place wonderful, thriving democracies where once there was only Qaddafi, Saddam Hussein, Bashar Assad. 

This is actually something lots of right wing blowhards have been trying to sell: The badness in North Africa, the Middle East, all around the world, stems from an inadequate American response to events there, allowing strong men to be toppled and anarchy to ensue. An old trope, just spun a new way, the typical Donald reductio ad absurdum. 

NOW, it makes sense. 

Of course, if the story is: The Donald says Obama made mistakes and ISIS filled the void, no story. That's old news. But if the headline is: Donnie John says Obama and Hillary co founded ISIS, now THAT'S a story!  And the dimwits at Fox, CNBC, NPR all fall for it every time. Whatever happened to Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite? 

What makes more sense, is Donnie John knows, lazy as the news networks are, the only thing which they'll carry is the clip of the bottom line wowzer: Trump says Obama is founder of ISIS. And Crooked Hillary, too! 

Donnie John Explicates

Thus does NPR, MSNBC, and all the other outlets do the Donald's work for him, free publicity. Who needs to pay for advertising? 

This morning, Mad Dog heard Donnie John's voice 14 separate times on my ride into work and he  heard Hillary Clinton's voice exactly zero, which, truth be told, may not be a great loss, but the standard procedure was: Give The Donald speaking his piece and then have the reporter speak for Hillary, "And Hillary Clinton responded Donald Trump doesn't have the temperament to be President."

Temperament. Now there's a word most of Mr. Trump's supporters do not understand and have never taken the time to look up but they know vaguely it means she's smart talking.

Why not just say, "This just goes to show the lights are not on upstairs in Mr. Trump's head. He's just a little too stupid to be President. And he has had some competition as the Dunce,  recently--just remember George W. Bush. Do we really want another 4 years of a dimwit in the White House?"  

Donald the Dunce. Doesn't have the panache of "Crooked Hillary." 
We need to work on that.  Donald Dimwit is Mad Dog's  current favorite, but he's open to suggestion. 


  1. Mad Dog,
    I was thinking Donny Demented-it has a certain ring to it-like your suggestions, the ring of truth. Donald is a master showman and spotlight hound, so he's able to dominate the media on a daily basis without spending a dime. He thinks this is a good thing- that he's outwitted us all, I don't think so.. His obsession with publicity of any stripe has backfired of late. Now even his supporters are forced to confront what the rest of us have known all along-that there's more than a few bats loose in Donny's belfry..

  2. Maud,

    Donny Demented. Has a certain rhythm.
    On the other hand, he is cleaving to the idea, there is no such thing as bad publicity. Every news story leads with the words "Donald Trump." Even if they started, "Donny Demented," I'm not sure it would hurt him.

    Mad Dog

  3. Maud,

    Oh, Wait! I can just see Ms. Clinton vetting "Donny Demented." There are all those families out there dealing with a parent with dementia and now we would be deriding dementia as something despicable. No,no, no. Can't lose the votes of the dementia families, not to mention the legions of demented.
    Well, truth be told, the legions of demented are already locked into voting for the Donald, but let's not lose the family members.
    Such is the paralysis of Ms. Clinton, I'm afraid.
    Maybe she'll vet Donny Dimwit more kindly.
    Of course, she cannot say it herself, only her surrogates, for fear of losing the "decency" voters.

    Mad Dog