Sunday, September 18, 2016

Trump Fans: Who Are These People?

Here's  today's quiz:  Which home is scarier?

This is from my Hampton/Hampton Falls/Kensington,  New Hampshire bike ride.


click photo to enlarge


C.  Both A and B, but for entirely different reasons.


  1. Mad Dog,
    Wow...Glad you said to enlarge-Love the invasion theme in the first photo, it's great-really creepy.. Just hope they don't have small children living there-a battalion of skeletons peeping in the window would be a catalyst for years on a shrink's couch...However as troubling as the un-dead storming your home may be, it pales in comparison to the thought of a Trump presidency..Now that is truly terrifying-four long, nightmarish years-yikes, make it stop..

  2. Maud,
    There ARE children living there, but I saw them outside watching their father and his friends nailing the skeletons onto the shingles, unperturbed.
    At least it's not those waving balloon things. Tug is freaked out by those undulating phantasmagorical things.
    Mad Dog