Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Harinder Bains and the New Jersey Bomber, Ahmad Khan Rahami

Harinder "Harry" Bains

Every once in a while you see something on CNN which surprises you.

Chris Cuomo interviewed Harinder (Harry)  Bains, the owner of the Linden, New Jersey bar who called the cops when he recognized the bomber shown on CNN.  

After having Bains describe the sequence of events, Cuomo asked Bains if people were coming into his place to thank him for what he did. 

"We're all glad you called  and you saved us all from a lot of harm, no doubt," Cuomo said. 

"Anyone would have," Bains replied, then added,  "Whether he's Jewish or Muslim, or Christian.  I'm Sikh myself, but we are all Americans." Bains speaks in a light subcontinent accent.  And he wears a baseball hat. The New York newspapers call him "Harry" Bains. Maybe a name he's adapted to assimilate. 

People do assimilate. 

It looked unrehearsed, spontaneous, and he did not seem to be making a speech, just saying something simple and obvious. Of course, Sikhs, who are often mistaken for Muslims, have been the targets of nativist violence and venom.

Hopefully, Hillary Clinton's people will be smart enough to get a clip of that interview and run with it. 

For months Ms. Clinton has been saying we need to enlist not alienate people of all faiths, Muslims included, to be the eyes and ears in communities where terrorists try to blend in.  Hillary Clinton could not have written a better script. Here is a modest guy in a baseball hat, trying to be a good American, saying just what those who oppose Trump have been arguing: We're stronger together. 

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