Friday, September 16, 2016

The Nervous Mess Minister and Donnie John

when Donald Trump launched into his cant on Crooked Hillary at a Black church in Flint and the Minister got up and cut him off with the words, "We did not invite you here to make a political speech." The Donald retreated, but the next visit to Fox News he bragged about his performance, saying the minister was a nervous mess.

Too bad the minister was not wearing a microphone, and too bad she was not more assertive. She was just a little too polite. Firm, but polite. It would have been nice to see her really launch an assault in the mode Donald launches his, and see how well he can take it.  Looking at his quaking at a mild rebuke, one would think he wouldn't do well with a full blown assault.

The last time anyone challenged him full on was Megan Kelly and we all know how that turned out. Since then from Chris Cuomo to Matt Lauer, nobody has actually got in his face. His poll numbers reflect that.

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