Monday, September 26, 2016

Trump: Only The Little People Pay Taxes

The Donald's reply to why he paid no federal income taxes was two pronged:
1. He was too smart to pay taxes
2. If he had paid taxes people like Hillary Clinton would have squandered them.

It must be remembered where Donald is coming from: The New York class of business people who believe paying taxes is for chumps, and of course, this was given it's clearest and fullest expression by Leona Helmsley, who famously said, "Only the little people pay taxes."

But, in Mr. Trump's defense, he is definitely not a racist, because he built a really beautiful--you wouldn't believe how beautiful (and I don't)--country club in Florida, and it admits Black people, if they are rich enough.

So there.

No surprises this debate. The Donald was Donald, for all the world to see and Hillary Clinton was, Hillary--smart, controlled, on topic.

Afterwards, Mark Shields kept insisting she has to open up, to be warmer, to reveal herself, but as Gwen Ifill asked, "Why doesn't anybody ever ask Donald Trump to be more of a good egg?"

Because men can be men and that makes them strong.
Women have to be warm, nurturing, non threatening.

Personally, I wish Ms. Clinton had a better answer to his attack on her stamina. "You pride yourself on an animal faculty..." you know the rest.

Oh, well.

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