Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Fathered by an Orangutan?

Just stumbled over a list of people Donald Joffrey Trump has threatened to sue.  Bill Maher made the list for claiming the Donald was fathered by an orangutan.

On the surface, Mr. Trump might appear to have a case, until you look at the actual orange peach and then back at the orangutan. 
I don't know. I might volunteer to represent Mr. Maher. This may be a strong family resemblance. 
On the other hand, the orangutan might have the more significant cause for complaint, if you are talking about sullied images. 

Ms. Maud has raised the horrific image of Donald Joffrey's conception--the Great White Wail, indeed.
This is in a long tradition of animal/human intercourse. As we all recall, Zeus assumed the form of a swan, which he knew no human female could resist, and he conceived some offspring with Leda.


  1. Mad Dog,
    Aha,it is all so clear now-why hadn't we seen it before-all the simian similarities, the peach face, the contorted grimaces, the chest beating. Thank you Bill Maher for drawing back the curtain on this closely held Trump family secret-Donald was sired by an orangutan. One tries to imagine the circumstances that would have led to this situation-but let's face it-that's a painful thought. Who knows, maybe a case of mistaken identity in the monkey house. Glory be. Gives a whole new spin on the term "monkey business"...

  2. Maud,

    Here is the ultimate example of your fearlessness: you are willing to think about the scene which brought son of orangutan to life. Oh, the horror.

    Mad Dog