Tuesday, October 25, 2016

How Trump Can Win

Donald Trump is not morally, spiritually, positively, absolutely, undeniably and reliably, merely dead, not sincerely dead.

He can definitely, positively, undeniably, negatively win.


His enthusiastic, orgiastic, nihilistic voters can swarm out of their caves and vote, while the best and the brightest find other things to do November 8.

Or, his friends in the Kremlin can target power outages in New York City, Boston, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chapel Hill, Durham--you get the idea.
It's easy to target Democratic voters because they are concentrated where the power grid is most stressed. Just a little cyber attack on some or all of these cities--and it doesn't have to last all day, just an hour or two, enough to make people give up and go home...Why just a week ago internet went out for the entire East Coast. Suppose the same thing happens on November 8?

The Donald is correct about one thing: I cannot close my eyes and imagine the process by which votes are counted.  It's not a bunch of people in a room opening up a cardboard box and hand counting ballots--except in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire.

For the most part, it's obscure, opaque, out of sight and we all simply accept the stuff we see flitting across our TV screens because the optics of national news are so colorful and bright and convincing.

I mean, how do we KNOW?

Well, there are polls going in and exit polls going out, but the correlation with exit polls in the last election were significantly wrong.

Exit polls? How can you get it wrong with an exit poll?

All I can think is Churchill's observation that democracy is the worst form of government--except for all the others.

The last time a bunch of pugnacious, gun toting louts refused to accept the results of an election, we had a war which lasted 4 years and took more American lives than all the others combined.

But, you know, it did clean out some nasty pus down South.  As Clemenza tells Michael Corleone, "Things gotta happen every five years. Ten. Cleans out the bad blood."

We shall see.


  1. Mad Dog,
    Reading this put a damper on an otherwise pleasant day. Unfortunately after all the recent cyber shenanigans, a toyed with election hardly seems like a stretch... Worse, as you say, how would we know?..If Trump wins would the rest of us become the new version of finger pointing conspiracy theorists? Most likely yes- a horrid scenario..Which is why, if Trump is elected, I will be winging my way to South America where I will devote the next four years to the study of the cunning and deadly spider wasp...seems appropraite..

  2. Maud,

    Wait! I've seen this movie. "Kiss of the Spider Woman."
    It's just that I watch all these smug pundits predicting a Hillary victory based on this or that polls and the polls vary by 12 points--she's 14 points ahead by AP and only 2 by Fox News. How can they be so smug?
    Mad Dog