Friday, October 21, 2016

The Prospect of Men With Guns at New Hampshire Polling Places

I am preparing for the appearance of men wearing guns standing outside Winnacunnet High School, the polling place in Hampton, New Hampshire on November 8.

New Hampshire is a state where it is legal to carry a gun openly.

What I expect to see is guys with guns standing around outside the polls, wearing Trump T shirts and Make America Great Again hats, in a silent effort to intimidate any citizen who plans to vote for Hillary from walking in and voting.

I am working on my poster, which will say:

I Don't Have a Gun
I Have a Vote

What I haven't decided is whether I'll try to wear it like a sandwich board into the voting booth, or whether I'll simply tack it to a wooden plank and stand outside right next to the thugs with the guns.

I am still looking for the hat that says "Dumb, Dumber, Donald"  or "Trump Chump."

Suggestions are welcomed.


  1. how about a hat that says "It's hard to fix stupid"?

  2. Anon,
    This are guys with simian brows carrying guns who want Trump to be President. I don't think pushing them too hard is a good idea.
    Mad Dog

  3. they can't be sure if you are talking about them or yourself - after all, they are not too bright!

  4. Mad Dog,
    Am with Anon on this one-Trump's pistol packing posse aren't the brightest, so don't think they'd know for sure who you were talking about with "It's hard to fix Stupid"..In this case ambiguity may be a safer bet-something like "Dumb, Dumber, Donald" could be asking for one right between the eyes..Unless of course you go to the polls packing too. Then maybe you could have a gunfight-like in "High Noon"-that would be exciting and a terrific premise for a show on the new Trump network..