Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Case Studies: Election Day

Talking to people on Election Day is fraught with concern about starting an unpleasant conversation, so we are careful not to ask how others voted, but that doesn't mean we're not interested to know.

Of course, we all are looking for an indication of how the election will turn out from sampling the few people we can sample, as if one or even 10 people can tell you how millions are voting.
On the other hand, as they say in medicine, sometimes a single careful case study can tell you more than a study of a thousand patients who you do not know much about.
Just now I spoke with a man who is very rich, well educated, lives in North Hampton, flies his own airplane and he said, "Well, some people you just have to keep down." Of course, I immediately assumed he was talking about the raucous crowds we see frothing at Trump rallies. But then he said, "I worked at a construction site once. Those union guys tried to run me out of town because I wouldn't join the union."
So, I assume, he's voting for Trump because Trump will know how to keep those union guys down.
Of course, the union guys will vote for Trump because he's convinced them he'll bring back those great factory jobs once he's renegotiated all those terrible, horrible, no good trade deals.
So Hillary loses from both ends. The union guys hate her because she is single handedly responsible for all the bad trade deals going back to NAFTA. And the rich guys hate her because she supports the working man and his unions.

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