Friday, November 18, 2016

Happy Days are Here Again: Trumpland Uber Alles

Driving in, listening to NPR reporters interviewing people in a small town outside Pittsburgh, Lafayette County, I was somehow strangely cheered to hear the voices of people who had always been Democrats, who had voted for Obama, then for Trump,  but they did not sound like those deplorables you saw at Trump rallies. They simply said they were coal miners and too old to be retrained to learn anything new and they just wanted their jobs in the mines back and in the factories. They didn't give Trump a deadline. They just clearly wanted to try something different, so they voted Trump.
There was a lawyer who is the Democratic Party organizer for the county and I remember when they interviewed him last Spring and he said he was not optimistic about his county going blue in the Fall election, because people wanted a change and Ms. Clinton did not look like change to them.  This time he said he didn't blame Ms. Clinton, but she was given the nomination because people thought she was next in line, but there would have been better choices if the Dems wanted to win his county.

So, it all made sense, at last. Part of the shock and depression of the news of President Trump is the sense of the surreal. How could anyone other than a Ku Klux Klanner vote for Trump? Well, now we know.

My many fans seemed to like the last poem, so here's another:

So long sad vibes
Get lost bad tribes
We are rid of all that bad gas
Just got what Trump prescribes
Feel swell from his jibes
All those down feelings are past.

Happy days are here again
The skies above are clear again
So let's all sing a song of cheer again
Happy days are here again.

Altogether shout it now
Heard it on the radio
There's no one who can show
Those jobs are not coming back pronto.

Coal miners going back to work now
Steel workers, soda jerkers and how
We'll be burning  coal again
Clean air's no longer a goal, no sin
Polluting things again
Happy days are here again.

Infrastructure's gonna boom
Gonna make the heartland bloom
Nobody has to learn anything new,
Heard it on NPR that's a clue
We went to red from blue
Finally the heartland gets its due
Happy days are here again.

No more factories in Mexico
Oh, oh, we're not letting our factories go
No more sending our jobs down below
Factory jobs
Are back in gobs
Bring out that banjo

No more Muslims coming in
No more Mexicans with brown skin
No more rapists flooding in
No more abortions anywhere
Terrorists just wouldn't dare
Mess with us again
Happy days are here again!


  1. Sorry mad dog. For me the politics still does not justify supporting a childlike racist bully. I don't care how desperate one is for more good paying hours developing black lung disease. While that might make sense, it takes a certain type of person to look past Frump's (my new name for him) behavior. I won't ever accept that from my fellow Americans. Have you ever heard the Barbara Streisand Judy Garland version of that song? Sung as if through gritted teeth and deep melancholy.

  2. JML,
    Today's version might well be rendered in the same way.
    The final song in the move "Nashville" is "It Don't Worry Me," sung by Barbara Harris (written by Keith Carradine). I'll have to find that link. Somehow, it has a special resonance today.
    Best guess I can make is enough people do not much care about the person who is President, but simply the transaction: What can he do for me?
    In small town New England, you might know more than you want to about people and their failings, so you contract with a man to plow your street, who you know is a sleazeball, but you are not worried about his character, only the job he is going to do for you.
    Mad Dog