Friday, November 4, 2016

Hillary Haters: Invasion of the Brain Snatchers

They seem quite normal. Talk to them about the weather, the price of gas, how Winnacunnet High School's football season is going, about the drought and how it has killed all the lawns in town, and they seem quite normal.
But mention Hillary's name, and it happens.
It's like pressing on the abdomen of someone with appendicitis and they hit the chandelier.
It's like one of those horror movies where that lovely housewife next door who brings you a fruitcake suddenly opens her mouth to reveal dagger shaped incisors dripping with blood and her eyes turn red and she emits a roar like a Tyrannosaurus Rex.
The monster within explodes out.
"She should not even be allowed to run. She belongs in jail. She is the most corrupt person to ever run for office."
And, stepping back a step or two, if you don't fly from the room, you ask, "Well, but how do you know all this?
If they can site a source--like the wikileaks conversations between Podesta and Mook or whatnot--they have no real idea of where those came from or what they actually mean . They mean what the monster thinks they should mean.  They mean what Rush and Sean say they mean.
And they are just so certain. As Bertrand Russell observed: The trouble with life is the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent full of doubts.
Their opinions are more than baked in. Their opinions are etched in stone.
Oh, she is just so corrupt. Very, very corrupt. (Mr. Trump has such good words.)
And they get pretty upset if you pursue, patiently, well how do you know. Oh, you heard it from him? Oh, you read it there. And how does he know? And how did it get there? That really sets them off. You are questioning their deeply held belief. If they cannot be sure of what they are most sure of, what can they be sure of?
It's not Hillary, the most examined person in public life, whose unleashed this horror.
It's the invasion of the brain snatchers. They are all around us.


  1. It is so true. If you ask "what has she actually done?" they can't answer - other than she has enriched herself (and Donald hasn't?). They talk about her emails - but no one can point to an actual problem with them. It's amazing!! But remember, "you can't fix stupid!"

  2. Anon,
    She should be in prison, "After all she's done!" And you ask, "Oh, really. What, exactly." They are as vague as their hero.
    Mad Dog