Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Joy in Mudville

One of the aggravating things about Trump's victory is having to put up with the joy expressed by his supporters.
This morning, at my wife's exercise class in Exeter, NH, the instructor, observing how depressed her participants looked, concluded the class by saying, "Well, good work out. Go out and have a better rest of your day."
And one man shouted out, "It already is the best day of my life!"
The rest of the group stared balefully at him.
But really, let the man gloat.
The people who voted for Trump are, in large part, losers in our society, people who sense they have not succeeded and they want to find the government as the culprit in their underclass status.

Not everyone fits this description--some winners voted for Trump--but mostly his crowd was losers who he convinced he would make into winners.
But, of course, he will not get them winning again.
They are destined for disappointment.
Right now, they are enjoying "their" win, much as fans of any professional sports team does, telling themselves and each other, "Oh, WE won." But of course, they have not won anything.

As my son observed last night, "Well, this is the best day Mr. Trump will have for the next 4 years and it's the best day his fans will have."

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