Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Trump v Hillary: Shades of 1968

Oh, gather round children, and you shall know
What today we suffer
Is mere ebb and flow
Of history, for today's  no rougher
Than what once brought us low. 

Today we forget tricky Dick Nixon and his rants
Who demonized Helen Gahagan Douglas
As pink down to her underpants.
Trump is simply his spiritual heir
And Roy Cohn, who they both share
As unctuous and seething and slimy as Bannon
Guiding  all to  despair
As in darkness they both lay their plan in.

Old Dick ran against Lyndon Johnson's successor
And beat him by just 500,000 votes 
Painting the Democrat the transgressor
Promising a secret plan to end the war with end notes
And two years later bombed Cambodia just for show
And Kent State left four dead in Ohio.

Hate is a spider wasp
Which eats from the inside
Unseen from the surfaces
Until it emerges
Only then does the body subside.


  1. Wow..Longfellow, Whitman, Yeats, Mad Dog...it's been awhile since you've blessed us with your piercing verse..your skills as a poet are impressive...

    We survived Nixon, let's hope we survive Trump, the latter just seems more dangerous. Nixon was many things, but I don't think dim witted was one of them...Trump, on the other hand, has never done much that has indicated he's particularly bright-that, coupled with his very serious personality deficits are troubling..No,troubling not strong enough a word-SCARY...If his current choices for his administration are any indicator-we're in for a very bumpy ride..My advice to you my friend is, in between the poetry writing, you may want to set to work digging your own bunker...You may need it sooner than you think..

  2. Ms. Maud,

    Is your bunker ready for occupancy?
    The curious thing is how little the personality disorder seemed to matter to his voters.
    Kings have been loony, and that did not seem to matter much to their subjects. They almost expected it. Mad King So and So.
    Us elitists, and I include you in that category, have luxuriated in the urbane and intelligent President Obama. But as so many, likely the majority of recent Presidents have shown, those personal qualities do not seem to be essential to the Presidency.
    Mad Dog

  3. Yes our blogger is quite a poet. Who knew? The hair on the back of my neck is standing. Still, I agree with you Maud, much of the behaviors of this current president-elect seems to have far surpassed the unscrupulous actions of Nixon. It is terribly scary and troubling. If Trump is impeached, he'll discount all authorities that impose it, but if he is required to leave office, will we be any better with Pence? This feels like checkmate.

  4. JML-most definitely checkmate..The chance that Trump will do something worthy of impeachment seems far more likely than him finishing out four years in the White House.
    Unfortunately there's no comfort in then inheriting Pence. Trump has no agenda to speak of and is probably more shocked and disappointed that he's President than we are. He thought he was going to have his own TV network, much more fun than being the POTUS. Pence, however, has an agenda, a calm calculating manner and the uncanny ability to look straight at the camera and lie without blinking an eye..Yup, it's a lose- lose for us..

    As for my bunker Mad Dog-it's quite ready for occupancy-just put the finishing touches on it this morning-fluffed the floral toss pillows and have the Zen relaxation music ready to go..I have to say I disagree with you about intelligence and the Presidency-it's essential. Well apparently not to get elected, but certainly in order to govern well..Name me a past President dumb as Trump, that was also successful..Heck, just name me a past President as dumb...

  5. Maud,
    We might need Michael Bechloss or Doris Kearns Goodwin for this but I'd hazard a guess Warran Harding and/or Andrew Johnson may have been as stupid.
    I'm not sure that's very reassuring.
    Mad Dog

  6. Well Mad Dog your picks seem to fit the bill-Andrew Johnson the rabid racist-enough said...Warren Harding known for the quote "I am not fit for this office and should never have been here"...Yikes, we'll take his word for it.. That's rather funny and clearly ranks him high on the dumb-dumb meter..Perhaps he was, in this regard, the most honest politician to ever enter the oval office. There were others who could accurately say the same thing-but were smart enough not to..

  7. Maud,
    Either you were much benefited by your college history courses or you are simply a life long learner and good with Professor Google.
    I did not know that Harding quote.
    Mad dog

  8. You're right Mad Dog-when it comes to Professor Google I am an apt pupil..