Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Big Lie: A Simple Truth in Philadelphia

Watching a reporter interviewing a Black man in Philadelphia yesterday, I was stunned and delighted to hear this guy say, "Well, they think if they just say the biggest lie they can think of over and over, if they say it often enough, they get people to believe it." 
This guy sounded like Rocky Balboa, but, being Black, he didn't look a whole lot like Rocky.

The reporter was doing a story about Republican claims of voter fraud in Philadelphia, where in some districts (of a few hundred people) not a single vote was cast for Romney over Obama in the last election. The Republican claim was that zero vote was ipso facto proof of Democratic voter fraud and rigged elections. But a Republican member of the Philadelphia election commission later went by the district, interviewing everyone he could and he could not find a single Romney voter, and he concluded--nobody in this entirely Black twelve block area had voted for anyone but Obama. 

There were in fact similar zero vote for Obama districts in Utah where not a single vote was cast for Obama, but somehow the Republicans never claimed that was ipso facto proof of a rigged election in Utah.
Fact is, who would bother to rig an election in Utah or Philadelphia, where the opposition is not a factor? You want to rig an election, go rig it where the outcome is in doubt.

And none of these districts is large enough to matter much in the grand total.

The current big lie is Hillary is a criminal and belongs in prison.
That's the big lie Hillary has not answered, failing to learn what her husband learned--when they start trumpeting the big lie, you have to get out there with a brass band and blow hard against it.

The effect of not calling Trump out on the lie--Just exactly what is the crime I've committed? And he replies, "Oh, so many." And she retorts, "Well, you don't go to jail for oh so many. You actually have to had done something real and specific, little Donald. That's what's called 'justice.' But we wouldn't expect you to know about that. Of course,my major crime is calling you out. Mr. Trump U fraudster."
And all like that. 
But as Donald's idol once observed: Lie Big. It's harder to debase a big lie than a small one.

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