Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Bright Side of President Trump

Okay, enough sulking already.  Get up out of bed.
We now have President Trump. King Joffrey.
President of the disrespected.
What is done is done.
Democracy, well not really democracy, but the electoral college system, has spoken.
It's a done deal.
There is a bright side, however.
This man can be entertaining.
As George Carlin once noted, class clown was fun to be around.
The class clown is President now, nothing we can do about it.
When he gets out of hand we can try a dope slap.
The snarling dogs around him may be a problem, but we can learn to laugh at them, too.
What I want to know is, where are Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert when you need them?
If they had been around, this may never have happened.
John Oliver cannot carry the load all by himself.

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