Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November 9, 2016

President Donald John Trump, 45th President of these United States takes office on January, 2017.

Is he the worst human being to ever hold that office?  He has some stiff competition.
Andrew Johnson, Warren Harding, Richard Nixon--there have been some potential winners for that competition. Racists, paranoid near schizophrenics, simpletons, but it is hard to confect a more perfect combination of all the above, to which we add a twist of Mussolini/Berlusconi narcissism.

There might be a certain delicious quality of dreadful anxiety, anticipating his arrival at  the portico of the Capitol Building, to deliver what I am sure will be a memorable Inaugural Address to the American people, on a bright January day, when the clean, crisp air attempts  to wash clean a foul election campaign and we can sense a new beginning.

What an excruciating ride from the White House for President Obama, who will accompany his replacement, riding in the long black limousine, and who, I hope, will lean over and whisper in his ear, "You know, Donald. I can tell you now. You were right: I really was born in Kenya." Just one last effort to mess with the President elect's head.

In the interval between his election on the night of November 8, and his inauguration in January there have been cross burnings on the lawns of Blacks and Jews, but Muslim Americans have come in for special attention, as several men suspected of being Muslims have been dragged out of bars, grocery stores, Walmarts and beaten to death in parking lots, on sidewalks and alleys. One was dragged behind a car in Texas.

A crowd of men with AK 15 assault rifles roamed the streets of a Michigan town near Dearborn and fired on passers-by, killing a Shik man who was thought to be a Muslim. Store windows were broken and homes set afire.

In Nashville, Tennessee and Portsmouth, NH synagogues were defaced with swastikas and in Charleston, Richmond and  Birmingham synagogues and mosques were burned to the ground.

Mr. Trump vowed his promise to jail Mrs. Clinton would be fulfilled and he would appoint an attorney general whose first priority would be accomplishing that.
The inaugural balls scheduled for the evening after the address have been organized by the Miss Universe organization and every woman invited must be a 10, except for Maria Bartiromo, is invited even though she has gained weight, eating like a pig, but as long as she wears that red dress she wore at the Al Smith dinner, which caught Mr. Trump's eye, she can attend.

Such are the celebrations of Mr. Trump's election.
Listening to his oration, we can forget all that and simply enjoy the show.

Democracy reigns.

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