Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Unkindest Cuts

Pennsylvania goes for Trump.
Who saw that coming?
Michigan, Wisconsin. 
Who saw that coming?
Florida, North Carolina, Ohio: okay, knew those would be close. 

Make America White Again.
Make America Hate Again.

Fact is, this is still the country we have.  This is who we are. Whites are still the majority and they are here to tell you, they are still in charge, not some coalition of Hispanics, Blacks and hippy Whites.

One third of Hispanic males voted for Trump.
"Hispanics love me," he said. Guess he was right.

What will this Brave New World be like?
Actually, one might expect it to be like the sad old world, when Whites ruled, the America of the 1950's. Except those factory workers going off to work in the morning, to their union jobs, while their wives stayed home to raise the kids--not gonna bring that back. Ozzie and Harriet are both working now. The factory jobs belong to robots, not White men with high school educations.

The Cleavers lived in a world of segregated schools and bathrooms, of considerably less wealth than people have come to expect. 

I can think of every face I have seen, screwed up in rage, ignorant, angry faces belonging to people determined to vote for Trump. 

Close those borders to Muslims and refugees. Build the wall. 
Are we great again yet?
Remember that Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times. 

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