Sunday, December 4, 2016

Freeloading in the Heartland

No Senators, No Congressman, Pays more taxes than 29 states

What I have always found particularly appalling about the South, but really about most rural states, like Wyoming, the Dakotas and rural parts of the Midwest is how much hell they raise about their taxes going to support welfare cheats in big cities, when in fact, it is these very white, indignant voters who are getting the welfare from our federal government.  
This Sunday's New York Times carries an article by Steven Johnson in which he details the way densely populated coastal states (New Jersey, Massachusetts, New York, California and Washington in particular) subside those great massive states like Wyoming, Alaska, the Dakotas, Montana and all the Southern states save Florida and North Carolina. 
Those rural white males are the takers, not the givers.  For every dollar a citizen of New Jersey pays the federal government, he gets just 61 cents back; for the same dollar the white nationalist in Wyoming gets back $1.10. 
So who's the welfare queen now, bitch?

What's really sweet for those downstream, aggrieved whites is the voter in Wyoming has three times the voting power of the voter from New Jersey, owing to the two Senators from Wyoming and the electoral college rigging.

I don't know there's any way to correct this rigging, to right the wrong of this imbalance, but for the next four years, folks from the giver states ought to be thinking of ways of taking back America for the folks who really make it run, who drive its economy, who stoke its engines of innovation and productivity.

Let those coal miners in Kentucky and West Virginia stew in their burrows; let those malcontents in Arizona and Idaho pull their own weight for a change. 
It's the populous coastal states who need a Tea Party

There's a great scene in "Hamilton" where Jefferson chides Hamilton because the South is productive, doing the work,  growing things, creating things from seed while all the Northerners do is move money around.  Hamilton replies we all know who's really doing the planting in Jefferson's home state, and the only reason he's doing well is the free ride he's taking on the backs of slaves. 

Well, the white Trump voters are taking and have been taking that free ride for too long. 

We ought to start thinking up here in New Hampshire, how we can stop that free ride, how we can make them squirm in the free loading rural parts of America.

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