Thursday, December 1, 2016

Keep Your Government Hands Off My Medicare

Hey, I like that Donald going and telling those Carrier bosses they can't move those jobs to Mexico. That's what I'm talking about.
Now he can build that wall and keep those Mexicans from coming here to get those jobs. And raping. 
And he can slap a 35% tax on everything they make coming into this country and he can lower the corporate tax rate to 15% so the big shots in the corporations can stay right here in the USA making things.
But the thing is, I don't want to be sitting in front of no keyboard, operating no robots. I want my old job back, running the forklift.
My Mom and Dad are telling me they're losing their Social Security, so they'll have to move in with me. Maybe we can get a mobile home and park it in our driveway for them, just as long as that thing is made right here in the US of A. I'm proud to be an American, which is now great again.
Mom's a little overweight and got diabetes but she lost her doctor when they changed Medicare to a voucher program. 
Dad's voucher covered $50,000 for his heart surgery. Trouble is, the bill was $500,000, which I'm told is ten times the voucher, so we have to find a bankruptcy lawyer now.

Those damn Democrats got us into trouble with Medicare. I wish they'd keep their goddamn government hands off my Medicare. I got it when I was 55 because I hurt my back and was out on disability and now they're saying all I get is a voucher. 

It's all Hillary's fault. Her and Obama. She's so crooked. Is she in jail yet?


  1. Mad Dog,
    Well if she ain't in jail yet she oughta it seems the sentiment remains in Trump world-judging from the cheers of the crowd at Trump's "Thank you" speech last night..At one point his faithful broke into a rousing "Lock her up" chant..lovely-just like old times-and so befitting the office of the President..Donny's thank you speech primarily consisted of a blow by blow-or in this case state by state- re-enactment of election night and his monumental win..the "greatest in history"-or something like that..Watching that gloating fool was exhausting-he's a poor loser and now we know-a poor winner..I'm suffering from Trump fatigue and he hasn't even been inaugurated yet..I just may join the good folks in North Dakota protesting the pipeline, forego all contact with the outside world-life in a yurt is sounding better and better..

  2. Ms. Maud,
    Well, there is so much in here.
    First, you were clearly watching the Donald on TV, which takes a fortitude I cannot muster.
    And yes the yurt has definite appeal, although it is a step away from the bomb shelter in your back yard.
    I do think Mr. Trump appointed Mr. Price for HHS because Price wants to kill both Obamacare and Medicare and Trump was looking to answer the SNL skit which had him waving off all those promises. "I'll show Alec Baldwin! I'll cut off those 20 million people just like I said I would. Take that, Alec!"
    Mad Dog