Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!

Here's some grist for the fake news, conspiracy theorists mill: After the CIA report, which nobody can actually see, says something to the effect that Russian hackers did something which was designed to elect Donald President, likely nothing more than releasing emails embarrassing to Ms. Clinton, but nothing as direct as interceding in the counting or casting of votes, Mad Dog thought, well, that doesn't mean much.

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But. There's always the but.
From the worm's eye view, Mad Dog realizes before anyone was talking about the CIA, he had himself engaged in ruminations about "what if" someone was able to get into the computers which tally up results from the widespread voting stations in Rust Belt states? 
Mad Dog on this blog (and on  one other) has floated the "what if" conspiracy fantasy about how it is conceivable, if  highly  unlikely, Russian hackers simply intervened and threw the election to Mr. Trump. Simply put, the possibility of such a boondoggle is not zero.
And look what happened to his viewership:  Ordinarily, there are a few hits from Russia, but over this past week, Russia has become the big hitter.

Might be innocent enough, but then again, maybe the hackers are trackers!
Maybe this is 1,500 hits from the Kremlin!!!

Thing is, even if Mad Dog was computer savvy enough to have unwound the exact method by which the Russians stole the election, it would be of no importance, practically speaking: Nobody here in America wants to believe the election was rigged. We are all too tired to care any more. Certainly, the electors have no stomach for becoming important or determinant. Even if Vladimir Putin himself announced his boys with their computers managed to intercept the final common pathways to the totals in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio, and pointed to the exit polls which showed Hillary winning those states, not a single elector, and not enough citizens would care to believe him. Oh, he's just bragging now. Couldn't possibly be.

Fact is, we are all too worn out to want to think again about who won the election.

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We've got Donald now.

And so do the Russians.

Rest in peach, or rather, in peace.


  1. must be some way for the internet savvy to search for "russian" and "elections" and end up on your blog. Hope they are random people and not "central actors" or your life may be changed forever! Just saying

  2. Anon,
    Well, of course, nobody knows who Mad Dog is. A true cyber phantom.

    Mad Dog

  3. How about that pesky IP address? May be time to go underground!

  4. JML,
    If I knew what the IP address is, I'd probably be worried.
    But, as Mr. Trump has instructed: Ignorance is bliss.
    Mad Dog