Friday, December 23, 2016

Weakness of the Left

Listening to NPR on the way to work, it dawned on me that as much as I love NPR, there is something every bit as aggravating about the assumptions of liberals as the assumptions of the Right.

The story about the Tunisian guy who demolished a crowd with a big truck in Berlin revealed this man had come on the flotilla across the Mediterranean, got stuck in an Italian refugee camp, where he was jailed for burning down part of the camp, was released because the effort to deport him back to Tunisia floundered when Tunisia, a dysfunctional state, did not provide papers to do this. So he hung out among the large Tunisian community in Northern Italy, where many are known to be radical Islamists, then hopped a train to Germany, crossing borders as easily as we travel from New Hampshire to Massachusetts, and then mowed down some Christmas shoppers in Berlin.  Last Christmas in Munich, Turkish and Syrian men fondled blonde German women in a square because, well, it was okay to do that sort of thing where they came from, sort of like Tahrir Square in Cairo.

When Donald Trump looks at that, he responds viscerally and says, "Send them all back!" and "Bar them from entry."

And the response from liberals, who value offering sanctuary to the oppressed, who want to welcome the tired, the poor, the wretched refuse of the teeming shore is what, exactly?

When a trans sexual, who has testicles and a penis, refuses to use a locker room specially set aside for him (or her, as he wants to be called) because he/she wants to use the girl's locker room to strip down and change and does not want the stigma of being made to feel different, what is the liberal response? (As if we have made him/her feel different!)

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When the man who cannot afford his insulin because his health insurance will not cover that cost learns his neighbor gets it for free through Mass Health, the state run program for low income people, how does the liberal explain why this unemployed man seems to get a better deal than the working man who pays the taxes to support Mass Health gets, how does the liberal explain that?

When a Muslim transit worker in New York City is accosted by someone who screams she should go home to her own country and a group forms which teaches concerned citizens how to intervene in behalf of this unfortunate Muslim and the teaching is to approach the Muslim and ask how this assault has made her feel, has the liberal, tolerant approach been of much use?

What this country needs is an effective liberal radio show, a sort of liberal Rush Limbaugh, who is better than Radio Free America was, which is more muscular than Rachel Madow or any of those well meaning nerds on MSNBC, which is more present than Trevor Noah or even Jon Oliver, which takes up several hours every day, predictably, right across the time slot from Rush and which can fight fire and lava flow with fire. 

We sure don't have it now. 

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