Monday, January 30, 2017

Is It Time for the Armbands?

The King of Denmark, Professor Google tells us, never actually rode through the streets of Copenhagen wearing a yellow Star of David armband after the Nazi occupiers decreed all Jews in Denmark must wear armbands, but he did say, when asked about the decree, "Well, then all Danes must wear armbands."

The question is now, have we come to the point where all Americans of good faith (as opposed to the dimwits who voted for Trump) should wear some sort of armband (a red crescent perhaps) in solidarity of our Muslim citizens.

Elizabeth Warren, bless her heart, has said she will be among the first to register as a Muslim if Trump tries to register Muslims, but you know how he'll handle that one: "Oh, Pocahontas, first she's an Indian. Now she's a Muslim." 

But the armband thing, that could be effective.

Trouble is, you'd see them in the cities but not out there in Trump country, where the smartest animals are the coyotes. (I know, Maud, you will say that is an invidious comparison, as coyotes are clearly smarter than Trump voters, and that insults the intelligence of the coyotes. But, please.)

The thing is, we had marches in some cities protesting the banning of Muslims from entering the country, or even re-entering the country, but it barely made the news in most places.

For the first two or three years of the Civil War, Lincoln kept trying to find a general who would fight.  Ultimately, he found Grant, whose detractors called him a drunk and a butcher. Lincoln replied he'd like to find what whiskey Grant drank; he'd send a bottle to all his other generals.

That's what we need now, a Grant, and probably a Sherman. We need leaders who will fight.

Look Ma! I'm a soldier!
Until then, resistance may have to come from the little people, like you and me, and our armbands.

Speaking of Professor Google--Google's flagstaff today shows Fred Korematsu because it's his birthday today. And who is Fred? He led the resistance to the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII, the last time hysteria against "the other" seized America. Our response then, was cowardly and intolerant, in a country which was far whiter and demonstrably more racist and about half the population of today's America. But that internment was a cautionary tale.

About those armbands: Haven't been able to find any on line, but if there's a profit in it, likely that won't be a problem. Just let Café press get a hold of this and we are off to the races.

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